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    Sir Alex Says A Final Farewell

    News has been filtering out of Old Trafford as today marks the end of an era, the end of a legacy. On this day Manchester United lose it's favourite son Sir Alex Ferguson. The 'Legendary' stalwart who has dedicated over a quarter of a century to the most famous club in the world has decided to call time on his glittering time in charge of the Red Devils. Many had speculated that his days were numbered at the club and that his age maybe be creeping up on him. However after all of the success' he has achieved with the club, fans, players and everyone involved with the club will see this day as a dark day in the clubs history.

    Ferguson took to the Manchester United website to thank all of the fans, staff and players past and present for making his time at the club such a pleasure. He admitted that it had been a huge decision to make and that it hadn't taken it lightly. He jokingly admitted that if he hadn't left now he would probably have left in a bodybag in the future due to the stress levels a manager has to endure, The rest of the footballing world saluted Ferguson with many of his peers and former players commenting on how brilliant the wiley Scot was. Arsene Wenger spoke highly of him as a great enemy but an even better friend. Jose Mourinho teasingly said that he would have to find a new friend to share wine with and former player Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stated that working with Sir Alex was one of the highlights of many of the players who had the privilege to play under him. Sir Alex won't go into the wilderness straight away as he will take a place as a director for a while but this position see's him with more freedom away from the club.

    The unenviable task of trying to replace such a talismanic manager falls to the clubs owner Malcolm Glazer and club Chairman David Gill. Both will have to work hard in order to install someone who will appease the fans. Glazer who has never been a popular figure at the club after riddling it with his own debts can perhaps keep the baying mob who wear green and yellow garments as a sign of their hatred of him at bay. It is also a chance for him to prove his intentions and where he feels the club can go in the future.

    The Red Devils Recruit

    It was now almost two weeks after Man Utd had said a fond farewell to Sir Alex and the world was becoming eager to see just who the United hierarchy would appoint as the new manager of the club. There was suddenly a breaking news announcement on Sky Sports where it was revealed that the club would unveil their new man in charge later that very same day.

    Old Trafford was like Picadilly Circus just a few hours later with journalists and reporters running a muck everywhere. Rumours were running wild and at one minute Jose Mourinho was taking charge then just a mere thirty seconds later Roy Keane was making a sensational return to lead his former team.

    As the time drew nearer the media gathered to where the press conference was being held deep within Old Trafford. They took their seats and aimed their camera's not a single sound was heard as the anticipation was at breaking point. A door creakily opened and Malcolm Glazer appeared and was seated in one of two chairs which had been placed in the middle of the front of the room. He took a sip from a cup of water and winked at the media. He spoke for a few minutes about his time with David Gill and insisted that all the hard work that needed to be done had been completed and that himself and David Gill were extremely pleased with who they had appointed as the next manager of the club. He then rose from his seat and signalled his arms to a staff member by the door who then disappeared through it. The door creakily opened again a few seconds later, the journalists steadied their hands and held their camera's firm... Their was an exuberated gasp as none other than Josep Guardiola walked through the door.

    He took up the seat next to Malcolm Glazer and the both of them smiled and shook hands. Glazer then spoke again. He asked the media if they and the fans were happy with the clubs choice and admitted that Sir Alex played his part in the deal aswell as he and Guardiola have a particuarly positive rapport. After Glazer's statement Guardiola spoke, although his English was ot perfect he was clear and understandable. He admitted that managing Man Utd was always one of his dreams and that now after managing his home club Barcelona and being appointed United manager he had now realised his two biggest aspirations. Guardiola who didnt stay long due to a financial request meeting also told the media that he and the club would be working on a way to wrestle back the Premier League crown from their fierce rivals city and that it would be his main objective this season.

    Staff In's and Out's


    Valdir De Moraes (Assisstant Manager)
    Anselmo Sbraglia (First Team Coach
    Paulo Cesar Batista Dos Santos (First Team Coach)
    Quintilano Lemos Filho (First Team Coach)
    Valter Di Salvo (First Team Coach)
    Gianpiero Ventrone (First Team Coach)
    Danilo Jose Prando Minutti (Goalkeeping Coach)
    Elio Carravetta (Fitness Coach)
    File (Physio)


    Mike Phelan (Assisstant Manager)
    Richard Hawkins (Fitness Coach)
    Tony Strudwick (Fitness Coach)
    Allan Fettis (Under 18's Goalkeeping Coach)

    Pep Guardiola had been keen to increase the fitness at the club and has decided to bring in his own fitness coaches who he feels have more knowledge around this area of training. He has also brought in five new first team coaches to lessen the burden on the few the club already has. Now training can be given individual focus and more time given to areas which individual playes need.

    Pre-Season Update coming soon.

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