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The Ultimate Champions League Challenge

  1. The Ultimate Champions League Challenge

    Ultimate Champions League Challenge
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-champions-league-logo.gif

    Taking up my own challenge huh, i better do good!

    This is the Champions League Challenge
    Stonecold & Klippybo's Ultimate Champions League Challenge

    Stonecold's History with the Champions League
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-champ.jpg
    Don't get me wrong here but me and the Champions League are NOT friends!

    Since Championship Manager changed to Football manager I've been awful in Europe, Usually blitz the domestic competitions but have lost out in Europe to some pretty embarrassing teams. One famous Champions League final saw the mighty Bordeaux beat my Real Madrid 3-1 being my biggest gripe but I've had problems with other top sides including Man City, Barcelona, Man Utd, Inter with Cristiano Ronaldo up front have all been amongst my biggest failures

    So what about this time?
    Having never tried anything like this before i would be delighted to bring 10 teams to Champions League Glory. I think its a pretty realistic aim even if i have to taint my sole by joining some pretty disgusting teams

    Where else to Start but!!!!!

    Man Utd - 3 times winners - 1968,1999,2008
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-man-3.jpgThe Ultimate Champions League Challenge-man-1.jpgThe Ultimate Champions League Challenge-man-2.jpg

    My thinking is there is 2 ways to go with this. Start with one of the teams that gain you 30-50 points for a Champions League win or start big and hope you can rack up the champions league wins quick and fast, im going for the latter and hope my favorite team can get us off to a dream start

    Summer business to follow
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-man-utd.jpg

    ----Champions League Efforts----

    2012/13 - Man Utd - CL = Runner Up - Current Points 0
    2013/14 - Man Utd CL = Last 16 - Current Points 0
    2014/15 - Man Utd CL = Winner - Current Points 5
    2015/16 - Inter CL = Winner - Current Points 15
    2016/17 - Dortmund CL = Winner - Current Points 30
    2017/18 - Bayern Munich CL = Winner - Current Points 45
    2018/19 -
    Bayern Munich CL = Winner - Current Points 47
    2019/20 - ACMilan = No European Football + Liverpool CL - Semi Final 47
    2020/21 - Liverpool CL = Winner - Current Points 67
    2021/22 - Real Madrid CL = Winner - Current Points 72

    Other Trophys

    Man Utd
    Carling Cup
    European Super Cup

    German Super Cup

    German Super Cup
    World Club Championships

    AC Milan


    Real Madrid
    La Liga

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  2. gd luck

    i will do a story too
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  3. Season 1 Preview

    First team 2012
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-starting-x1.png

    If our attack goes like we do in real life and the midfield makes the difference i suspect i may then i have a great chance of winning the Champions League first time out

    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-july-transfers.pngThe Ultimate Champions League Challenge-august-transfers.png

    Man Utd's transfers
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-all-transfer.png


    Man Utd's weakness is Midfield so we added two of the premierships best

    Mauro Fellaini

    Will be a Playmaker attacking, deep lying he can do the lot
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-fellaini.png

    Cheick Tiote
    Will be the wall in front of our shaky defense
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-tiote.png

    Paulo Ferreira
    Had to splash out £190k to get back up for our wing backs. Will not play much!
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-ferreria.png


    Welbeck went out on loan to Spurs because i only play 1 lead striker and he'd be behind Van Persie, Rooney and Hernandez

    Rafael would have been a back up right back but I'd have missed out on either Fellaini or Tiote so Rafael left.

    August results

    Reading 0-4 Man Utd
    Van Persie

    Man Utd 3-1 Sunderland
    Van Persie 2

    Tom Cleverley out for 5 months with a broken leg, Chances were it was a former team mate

    Champions League Draw
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-cl-group.png

    Man Utd landed in Group B with a group they should comfortably get through but one which has plenty history.

    Man Utd and Benfica have played each other several times over the years most notably in the 1968 European Cup final. Another team from the past is Basel until beating Man Utd in 2011/12 season that names was more associated with a cartoon character

    By avoiding the trickier second seed we have a good chance at getting a 100% winning run or 100% clean sheets through the group phase and maybe set us on out way to some bonus points

  4. good luck hope u do well

  5. September

    Man Utd 2-0 QPR

    Aston Villa 0-0 Man Utd

    Montpellier V Man Utd - Champions League Match 1
    Pre Match Man Utd are declared "15/2" 3rd favorites behind the two Spanish giants. Time to show why! Ryan Giggs is the only new injury worry after getting a knock against Villa

    Montpellier 1-1 Man Utd

    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-cl-1.png

    Arghh so many bonus points disappeared with a 90th minute goal Soulermane Camara's picture perfect equalizer

    Everton 1-2 Man Utd
    Van Persie

    Man Utd 2-0 Liverpool - Carling Cup

    Man Utd 1-0 Chelsea

    Premier League
    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-starting-x1.png

    Still League unbeaten and still top despite playing half strength sides against Villa and Chelsea

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend KLIPPYBO is online now
    U versus French teams - always makes me giggle - makes me wonder why you didnt start off with Marseille...........

  7. Quote Originally Posted by KLIPPYBO View Post
    U versus French teams - always makes me giggle - makes me wonder why you didnt start off with Marseille...........
    The French should stick to international football, its the only time they bring me any happiness!

  8. October

    Man Utd V Benfica - Champions League Match 2
    Following on from our embarrassing result in France we've got to take our anger and frustration out on Benfica and make ourselves look like serious challengers for the competition. Rooney joins Cleverley on the injury list and misses out here. Chris Smalling is back in training but still not ready for tonight

    Man Utd 3-0 Benfica
    Van Persie 2

    A very simple win. United we stood and Benfica were walked over at Old Trafford

    Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal

    Stoke 1-2 Man Utd
    Hernandez 2

    Basel V Man Utd - Champions League match 3
    Victory over Benfica got us back on the rails and back to back wins against Basel are expected

    Basel 0-3 Man Utd
    Valencia 3

    Probably not the player you would have backed to get a hattrick but a one man show from Valencia puts us top of the group for the first time

    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-leauge.png

    Southampton 1-2 Man Utd

    Man Utd 4-1 Southampton - Carling Cup
    Hernandez 2

    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-cl-match-3.png

    Sneaked past Stoke and Southampton where it looked like we might be away to loose or at best drop points

  9. November

    Man Utd 2-0 Norwich

    Man Utd V Basel - Champions League Match 4
    Match 4 And its Rio Ferdinand's turn to be injured, stunned that both Rio and Vidic survived to November without one of them getting hurt

    Man Utd 1-1 Basel

    This was a mega frustrating game! Fletcher out injured till Christmas and again we went missing, not taking our chances is becoming a massive problem, will try something different in match 5 and 6

    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-cl-match-4.png

    Man Utd 2-1 Newcastle
    Van Persie

    Man Utd 0-0 West Brom

    Man Utd V Montpellier - Champions League Match 5
    A Win today and we'll have stumbled through to the knockout stages!

    Man Utd 5-0 Montpellier
    Van Persie

    Well there's that performance we were waiting for. Lots of goals, lots of scorers and Benfica won a classic in Switzerland so we've topped the group

    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-cl-match-5.png

    Man City 3-1 Man Utd
    Van Persie

    The Ultimate Champions League Challenge-nov-leauge.png

    Suffer our 1st league defeat of the season as City and Chelsea close the gap

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend KLIPPYBO is online now
    Hurry up and win the thing so I dont have to read about you being Man Utd lol - I see Newcastle are struggling while Sunderland are even worse..................

    I am dreading managing Man Utd in my attempt. Maybe I will move to there, win the Champions League with them and sell/release all their players when I get a job offer (you can delay for a week) - to cleanse my soul. Ha ha.

    Anywho - I digress - lets hope you avoid PSG in the knock-outs

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