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Klippybo Taking On the Champions League Challenge

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend

    Klippybo Taking On the Champions League Challenge

    The holy grail.....................


    Hello and welcome to my attempt at the Champions League Challenge (link is below). Basically the aim of the game is to win the Champions League with every club that has won it before!
    Stonecold & Klippybo's Ultimate Champions League Challenge

    How many of the 22 clubs will I be able to do it with? Will I outdo my good friend Darran? How on earth will I bring myself to manage Manchester United and how will I cope not being able to manage Athletic Bilbao or Newcastle lol?



    Thought about going for the hard teams (Steaua Bucharest/Red Star Belgrade) first to get them out of the way but then I thought I should start at the top and I may get to manage todays world class stars like Messi, Ronaldo and Downing etc.

    Was toying with the idea of Benfica or Ajax and thought that the chances of winning it in the 1st season would be remote. My thinking is to blitz it the first 6 or 7 seasons and then see where I end up.

    Finally after loading up the game several times to look at squads etc I narrowed it down to three clubs to kick this thing off with - Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Never really liked Real Madrid, despise Manchester United and not fancying Chelsea.

    So I plumped for..............

    I hope you will follow and we shall see how I get on!!!!!

    2012-13 Bayern Munich Bundesliga, Super Cup, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
    2013-14 Bayern Munich/Inter Milan/Barcelona Super Cup, Euro Super Cup, Liga BBVA, Copa del Rey, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
    2014-15 Barcelona/Real Madrid Super Cup, Euro Super Cup, Copa del Rey, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
    2015-16 Manchester United CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
    2016-17 Liverpool/Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
    2017-18 FC Porto Primeira Division, Taca de Portugal, League Cup, Supertaca, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
    2018-19 FC Porto/AC Milan Supertaca, Euro Super Cup, Club World Cup
    2019-20 AC Milan Serie A, Coppa Italia, Europa League
    2020-21 AC Milan Serie A, Coppa Italia, Italian Super Cup, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
    2021-22 AC Milan/Marseille Italian Super Cup, Euro Super Cup, Club World Cup
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  2. A Great Challenge to go for mate, but your hate for Man Utd makes me not too follow your stories from now.......
    Good Luck for the Season and the Challenge
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  3. yeah..i was sacked by liverpool after a crap league i was offered the marseile job...i will start a story on this soon

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend


    On arrival at Munich I was excited. Big name players, a squad capable winning everything they compete in and a decent transfer kitty.......Well 2 out of 3 aint bad as I wasnt given a penny to spend!!!! DISGRACE!!!!!!

    So I didnt bring in a single player and I didnt sell anyone either - there were no takers for Luiz Gustavo, Van Buyten or Tymoschuk - so its all been quiet. Brought in a shed load of staff though.

    We all know the Bayern squad which is filled with quality players - Neuer in goal, Lahm at full back, Schweinsteiger in midfield and the 2 wingers Ribery and Robben. Not forgetting my personal favourite and Basque hero Javi Martinez...................

    Anyway the only problem is I have several long term injuries - Alaba, Rafinha, Mandzukic and Gomez - so it may be a sticky start!


    German Super Cup

    Bayern Munich 1-1 Borussia Dortmund
    (Bayern Munich win 4-3 on penalties)

    An interesting start! Perisic missed a penalty on 5min for them and we took the lead 3min later and then battered them for the rest of the game. Ribery picked up a knock (out for 3 weeks) so I put on Shaqiri who promptly got injured (1 month) and then they hit us on the break through Ilkay Gundogan with 10min left.

    It went to penalties and although we missed 3 times - twice Manuel Neuer saved a penalty to keep us in it and Claudio Pizarro struck the winner!

  5. nice start with win in the Super Cup but i m not too happy as u beat Dortmund

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend


    A quiet month all told although there was some transfer activity believe it or not! Firstly I gambled by letting Van Buyten go to Newcastle and Tymoschuk to Spurs on free transfers so hopefully I would be able to adjust the budgets but it didnt work! I am £200k a week under my wage budget so I dont know why they arent giving me money to spend. What makes it so frustrating is that there are quality players like Hamsik and Fellaini on the transfer list.

    I needed to sign somebody - anybody! lol. So after scouring the free transfers I considered going in for Thomas Hitzlsperger but then I noticed someone even more injury prone that was available............

    I brought him back to where he started his career. I just felt that I needed some cover in midfield as I have so many injuries and I think he could do a job for me in the games where I play weakened sides - providing he doesnt get injured himself!

    On the pitch we were excellent - 3 games, 3 wins, 10 goals, 0 conceded!!


    German Cup 1st Round
    DJK Rosenheim 0-3 Bayern Munich
    Pizarro 3

    I would love to have played my backups here but we have so many injuries it just wasnt possible so it was a very strange line-up indeed! In the end a first-half hat-trick from Claudio Pizarro was good enough but Thomas Muller got injured and is out for a couple of weeks.


    Bayern Munich 4-0 Hoffenheim
    Schweinsteiger, Kroos 2, Robben

    We had 19 attempts on goal in the 1st half and scored with the final 2! Former Tranmere youngster Dale Jennings made his debut here and Owen Hargreaves made his return also. In the end we had 34 attempts on goal!


    Werder Bremen 0-3 Bayern Munich
    Ribery, Robben 2

    Muller, Gomez, Mandzukic, Pizarro hell even Dale Jennings was out injured which meant I had no strikers for this game. In the end I shoved Robben up front and brought in Shaqiri. I would have gladly taken a point from this game but 3 first half goals ensured we got 3pts.


    2012-13 UEFA Champions League Draw

    Group C

    Bayern Munich
    FC Kobenhavn
    Partizan Belgrade

    Quite happy with that draw - should safely navigate my way through as group winners! There were 2 groups of death - one with Chelsea, PSG, Dortmund and Benfica while the other had Barcelona
    , Man City, Ajax and Galatasaray.

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend
    I have just noticed that not one club spent a penny in June/July/August - if nobody spends any money in January then this story may have an early end! Dont know whats happened here. I am using the latest database too..........

    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend

    Not the end of the world but annoying just the same
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  9. That could work to your advantage though. I mean none of your targets will leave in the summer and if they give you money to spend in January you could get them then.
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    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend


    This was a decent month albeit a tough one as we battled our way from one injury crisis to another in almost a game to game basis! Eventually we did lose our first game of the season but I am pleased with the boys start to the season so far.

    We did kick off our Champions League campaign with a great victory away to Valencia which was the highlight of the month.


    Bayern Munich 1-0 Eintracht Frankfurt

    I had 2 strikers available (Muller and Pizarro) but had Ribery and Robben added to the injury list so I wasnt any better off really. Alaba has returned from injury however and made the bench.


    UEFA Champions League Group C

    Valencia 1-2 Bayern Munich
    Pizarro, Kroos

    A very nice way to begin our Champions League campaign. Although we did fall behind early doors we recovered well to get the win. Elsewhere Olympiakos beat Real Madrid 3-0!!!!


    Greuther Furth 2-6 Bayern Munich
    Gomez, Schweinsteiger, Luiz Gustavo, Kroos, Muller, Shaqiri

    A great win! We were 3up after 20min and cruising and then it was 3-2 at half-time and we werent! This was Mario Gomez's first game back - his stats have radically dropped due to his injury.


    Bayern Munich 2-0 Schalke
    Shaqiri, Muller

    Youngster Mitchell Weiser made his debut here as we are short of fit wingers at the moment. Schalke had a goal disallowed when the score was at 1-0.


    Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 Bayern Munich

    Finally the injuries caught up with us!!! Although we were by far the better team an early penalty from Schurrle in the 2nd half got them the points. I was without Mandzukic, Robben, Ribery, Javi Martinez, Dante and Kroos.



    Klippybo Taking On the Champions League Challenge-german-first-division_-overview-profile.png

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