So after two shocking seasons, one as Newcaslte, and one as AC Milan, in which I ended up getting sacked for both sides, I've decided to take things a little less seriously and play with a messed up formation, with a good team (Real Madrid), and see how well I can do.

I went into the tactic creator and set up my tactic, players roles and strategy so I'm ready to role now. This is a screenshot of the formation I'll be playing this season:

I'll give a rundown of the tactics now. Were going to be playing a very fluid attacking game, with short passing, and more creative freedom, where players will be allowed to roam. I'm instructing players to stand off more in defense, with zonal marking and to be aggressive in their tackling.

As for individual player instructions, you can see them in the screenshot, but just to make things a little easier I'll list them here:

Goaly (Nothing I can set Differently here)
DCR: Ball Playing Defender who is set to cover
DCL: Limited Defender who is set it defend
WBR: Wing Back who is set to attack
DMC: Anchor man who is set to defend
WBL: Wing Back who is set to attack
MCR: Deep lying playmaker who is set to support
ML: Winger who is set to attack
AMR: Inside Forward who is set to attack
AMCL: Trequartista who is set to attack
STC: Complete Forward who is set to attack

I'll update the thread with screenshots, from results, the league table and player stats. Wish me the best of luck!