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Fountain of Youth Discovered on Guernsey

  1. Fountain of Youth Discovered on Guernsey

    I have been a long time reader of fm base, for reasons i can't explain i have never posted. I find myself ignoring all stories where people start with a big team, as i myself like to drag up a minnow, it just feel alot more satisfying in my opinion. I loved following kandersons san marino challenge last year. That is where i got the inspiration for this story/career update. I will take control of Guernsey who as far as im aware are the youngest team in the English football pyramid. ANd also the only island in the football league. My aim will be to get them into the premier league and then make them champions of europe. Not too hard plenty of people do games like this. Only difference is i plan to only use my youth team!

    I will lay out a few rules for myself to start with. I can buy back my own youth products that i was forced to sell. After all they will be my players! I ill sign greyed out players if my squad ever gets that depleted, Guernsey actually don't start with many players at all. Other than that youth products and what was at the club to start with only.

    I will be using English level 9 pyramid add on downloaded from this very site.
    Big thanks and all credit to voasy for this.

    from wikipedia
    HTML Code:
    Guernsey F.C. is a community football club located in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands. The club was formed in 2011 and became a member of the Combined Counties Football League Division One for the 2011–12 season. The proposal to establish the club and join the league was developed by the Guernsey Football Association in an attempt to offer the island’s senior elite players the opportunity to progress further and test themselves in the English non-league pyramid system.

    First update to follow
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  2. mate great story, will definitely be following nice to see something original

  3. Sounds like a great challenge, I'll be following! It will be unbelievable if you make it all the way to the Premier League!

  4. Best of luck on this one

  5. This will be my starting formation, I believe it provides enough attacking intent with a nice solid defence when needed. I've used it with great success in FM12.

    So no pressure from the board then!

    The friendlies went rather well new formation concidered. I have high hopes on meeting the boards exspectations!

    First 10 game of season to follow

  6. I will be following this, seems interesting, I always give my youth players every chance so look forward to seeing what happens.

  7. First 11 games not 10 took the piture to late! my bad. Regardless the board are actually right to insist i win the league, we are head and shoulders above every team in this league, both with talent and squad depth. We have been scoring for fun and have an excellent partnership starting up front already.

    I fully exspect to reel in first place within a few games, This league should be as close to easy as it gets in FM.

    A nice surprise from my board. Who doesn't like i compliant board after all?

    I'm aiming to update every 10 games or so. sometimes i may miss this by miles as i do forget to take pictures when the game takes me!
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  8. The domination continues. Proving my earlier sentiments in that we really are far to good for this league as shown in the table.

    We have also had some more really good results in the league and both cups. Including a 6-0 and a 7-0 two game where everything we touched turned to gold.

    Next update is ready to go aswell, as soon as my son behaves i'll post it up.
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  9. I will be starting with a new club record, I'm not sure if there was a previous record given the age of the club. But 30 games unbeated is never to be sniffed at.

    Though it counted for nothing when this happend. We absolutley dominated this game and still somehow lost.

    Also out of one of the cups in another game we should of walked. The team got bollocked afterwards.

    My main striker just had not been scoring so this was as much a relief to me as to him.

    Of course with a score line like this how could he not score?

    Some more good news from my ever compliant board

    Board giveth and the board taketh away! I knew this was coming he was my best player by a country mile and IMO is even to good for league 2.

    As you can see he is a class apart in the non league, I will be keeping an eye on him in case he comes available to resign once i get several promotions under my belt.

    As for the league i think its safe to say we are going to win it, and win it by a handy margin aswell.

    Youth intake in the next update.

  10. wow...great start here...will follow with intrigue and see if u go all the way

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