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The Story of Gustavo Saoza

  1. The Story of Gustavo Saoza

    My last attempt at a story. I will be looking for reader interaction, so please comment

    Prologue: The Main Man

    Determination, Ambition, Vision, 3 things that a manager must have to succeed. My name is Luis Filipe Gustavo Saoza. Im a 41 year old, ex-professional footballer, but you probably knew that. For those who dont know, here is a short history about me;

    I was born in Rio de Janeiro on 18th July 1971. My father was a rich business man, and he always had high hopes for me. He once played football himself, but was forced to retire due to injuries. Ever since I remember, he was always encouraging me to play football. When I was 8, I joined the Sao Paulo youth team. I spent 10 years there, and I owe the coaches there a great deal. They really helped my in my quest to become a top footballer. I was a striker, and I scored 36 goals in 50 games for the first team, and countless more for the under-18 team

    From there, I went to Europe, and joined German side Hoffenhiem. I spent 5 years there, and became somewhat of a club legend, and scored 146 goals in my time there. From there, I moved on to Real Madrid, where I didnt have such a good time. I was plagued by injuries, and only played 53 games in my 4 year stay there.

    I left Real Madrid on a free transfer, and spent about a year out recovering from a serious knee injury. I was worried that my career was over, but I had several offers come in from clubs. In the end, I decided to take up the offer to return to Brazil and back to Sao Paulo. I spent the rest of my playing career there, but struggled with injuries.

    I retired at 34 and took time out for a few years to spend time with my wife and my new-born son. After a while though, sitting around in the sun all day got tiresome, so I decided to take up my coaching courses and try get into management.

    I passed the courses with ease, and now its time to look for a job. I already have 4 offers, but which one should I accept?

    Should I go to; Hoffenhiem, Sao Paulo, Athletic Bilbao or Everton?

    Hoffenhiem: The club where the supporters love me. They worshiped me as a player when I was there, and hopefully I could do the same as a manager

    Sao Paulo: The club that helped my develop into the player I was. Should I return and help them to greater heights?

    Athletic Bilbao: Should I return to Spain? After a dismal time there at Real Madrid, do I return to show the Spanish people what im really capable of?

    Everton: A chance to manage in the best league in the world, who could turn that down?

    Readers, you decide!

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  2. As someone has just started a Hoffenheim save as a reader id prefer read about your challenges with another club, with Athletic Bilbao I will prob keep comparing it too Klippy's and with Everton, well as a Stoke fan only Prem team im interested in is them

    Hence my vote for Sao Paulo because I dont think ive read any/many stories with teams of the European continent and also a reason too go along with the story is that it lets him stay nearer his family and keeps them happy for his first sortie into management.

    Of course whichever is picked I will most prob look in and read the story thats just my 2 pence into the choices

    Good Luck

  3. Thanks for voting so far people, hoping to start at around 12pm tomorrow, so get your votes in by then!

  4. Sao Paulo Appoint Saozo as Manager

    Sao Paulo chairman Juvenal Juvencio today called a press conference to announce Luis Filipe Gustavo Saozo as their new manager. This is Saozos first venture into management, and he will be hoping he can bring success to the club where he began his playing career.

    "I am absolutely delighted to be back at Sao Paulo. I owe the club a great deal for the career I had" Saozo told the club website. "I will be looking to bring success to the club. The fans know who I am, they know what im about. I always dreamed of becoming a manager, and to start here is a real honor"

    "I had several offers from other clubs, but it was an easy choice really. Im here for the long term, im here to win"

    @GansoHenrique Just seen the appointment of Soazo. Looking forward to working with him
    @SPelite Welcome home Luis! #Excited for the new season
    @Andrel1 One of the best players to come out of the club, lets hope he is a good manager too

    Kit Competition

    All things are changing at Sao Paulo, and now is your chance to become involved. We are looking for new kits for the club, and you could have yours selected for the club. If you would like to enter, submit your kit on this thread. (Must be FB kit )


    Home kit colour: White, red/black trim
    Away kit colour: Red & Black stripes, white trim
    Sponsor: Any

    (If no one enters, I will make my own, but would be awesome if you got involved!)

  5. How do you make Kit's mate?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by T1LL13 View Post
    How do you make Kit's mate?
    Using a program such as photoshop. there are several tutorials around on this site Check out the kits section

  7. Key players

    Luis Fabiano, Jadson, Ganso

    These are who I feel are my key players this year. Luis Fabiano is arguably the best striker at the club. Despite being 32, he has good pace, and excellent finishing ability. Jadson has just joined the club from Shakhtar, and is an excellent playmaker. He possesses an excellent first touch and has superb passing ability. And lastly, Paulo "Ganso" Henrique, probably the best player at the club. At the age of just 23, he still has plenty of room for improvement. He is known for his injury proneness though, so that is something I will be monitoring carefully.

    Hot Prospects

    Casemiro, Ademilson, Rafael Toloi

    These 3 players are really exciting prospects for the future, but they are also ready for the first team now. Casemiro is a very all rounded midfielder, which is good because I can mold him into the player I want. Ademilson is another player with real potential, He has great pace and finishing, which can be improved over time. Rafael Toloi is another well rounded player, and I feel he can be an excellent defender in the future.

    Reader interation

    The Story of Gustavo Saoza-s%C3%A3o-paulo-fc_-squad-players.png

    Who do you feel I should sell and bring in? You are the fans, who do you want to see play for the club?

  8. Rafael Toloi has been a great Fm player for me for the past couple years I played it and even now always look too buy him no matter the team im with. Not sure who you should bring in as I havent managed a brazilian club for a long time so unsure of the players there aswell as players interested in moving/staying in Brazil

  9. When i had a save as them Rhodolfo was my hero he bashed in 10 goals as a CB from corners and free kicks

  10. As I dont have internet at home at the moment, updates may take a while, hopefully I will have net back in a week or two though!

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