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Liverpool 'Bilbao' Style Game.

  1. Liverpool 'Bilbao' Style Game.

    The idea for this scenario is to play an Athletic Bilbao style game but with Liverpool. Only players from Liverpool and the Liverpool area are allowed to be signed. All existing players not from this area must be sold.
    After analysing the database, players from the area shown can be signed.
    Liverpool 'Bilbao' Style Game.-screen-shot-2013-01-11-22.23.12.png
    The area is basically from Southport down to Liverpool and Chester.
    Or as a list (for searching places of birth)
    Southport, Ormskirk, Aintree, Crosby, Liverpool, Prescot, Huyton, Chester, Ellesmere Port, Birkenhead, Warrington and Widnes.
    Should be a challenge!
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  2. Nice idea mate. As you said, it would be a nice challenge. I'm a little boring with 'pool stories, so this is a good idea. Following!

  3. this would be a great story, hope to see more

  4. Finally a Liverpool story that's actually something. Def following.

  5. Will be following, I do like the idea - plenty of players you can bring in and it would be great to see a true home-grown team. Even better if you can get them into the England squad in the long run too.

  6. yeah gd luck

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