A Luch-Energiya Vladivostok Adventure - Hell from the Far East of Europe
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  1. A Luch-Energiya Vladivostok Adventure - Hell from the Far East of Europe

    This is my first post, so please be nice!


    Situated in the Far East of the country, their location poses a significant problem for away teams:9 hours by flight from Moscow. When playing FC Zenit Saint Petersburg at home, a trio of Zenit fans (Evgeny Stepanov, Aleksandr Zaraysky and Veronika Davidova) drove 15,000 km across the country only for their car to break down when in Vladivostok, leaving them unable to drive home. These fans thus took the Trans-Siberian Railway back to Saint Petersburg, upon which the club rewarded them with a new car on October 1, 2006.
    There has been much controversy about whether the Russian league should be split into two leagues, East region and Western region, however this is yet to happen. Igor Akinfeev, the CSKA Moscow goalkeeper, said that "they should play in the Japanese League", after his team lost 4-0 after a seven hour flight. In addition to this, even their own players admitted it was awkward as they had to travel long distances for away games. Matija Kristić said "It's not as bad for other teams because they only need to travel this distance once a year whereas we have to do it for all away matches". Srđan Radonjić said "It is just crazy, they should have two Russian premier leagues, one for the European teams and another for Asian teams. Vladivostok is 4,000 miles from Moscow."
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  2. First View of the team:

    Well for a first look, we have a tiny team and sompe positions have no players at all that can play there, we have no midfielders and only 4 players who are any good.

    It seems that we have enough money so hopefully I can strengthen the squad to atleast stay in this division.

  3. 2012/13 Pre-Season

    A couple of morale boosters to set us up for the league ahead, a 4-0 and 5-0 win set us up well with Victor Zemchenkov scoring 6 goals in the process.

    I've tried to raid the free transfers and I also have a few loans pending so there will be more change, here are the best players I've been able to bring in so far:

  4. July 2013

    A good start to life in this division, we could do with conceding a few less though.

  5. August 2013

    A good month sees us sitting good in the play-off positions, a couple of big losses where I was disappointed especially against rivals SKA Kharbovsk. We had a good win against non-league Chita in the Cup, we now face Terek in the 5th Round.

  6. September 2013

    Another good month, only just defeated in the cup to Premier League Terek, the only real downside of the month was the massive 6-3 loss to Yenisey but I can't complain as we are in 4th and we're only expected to stay clear of relegation.

  7. October 2013

    A largely mixed month sees us drop out of the play-off positions, I'm very disappointed with the amount of goals we're conceding and with 3 more months until the transfer window re-opens I'm going to be on the look out for more defenders.

  8. November 2013

    A drab month with only 2 games, atleast we managed to get 4 points from the 6, what is rather worrying is that we are only 5 points ahead of 12th. With the weird way Russia works we now no longer have a competitive game until March, so friendlies and transfers are next.

  9. Mid-Season Break

    No major activity over the break, a couple of friendlies and a couple of transfers to boost the amount of Russians in the squad.

  10. March 2014

    We seem to have strengthened the defence as we're leaking less goals now, 7 games left and we're just out of the promotion play-off, hopefully we can get a place!

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