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Rise of Andorra!

  1. Rise of Andorra!

    Rise of Andorra!-andorra2.gif

    With the exception of possibly San Marino, the Andorran league is the lowest national league in Europe. Just like the national team, most Andorran clubs are hammered on a regular basis when they enter European competitions. Can this be changed? Can an Andorran club ever achieve the impossible - to join, and beat, the European elite? We shall see...


    - Promotion from the Andorran Second Division (Achieved 2013)
    - Win the First Division (Achieved 2015)
    - Win the Andorran Cup (Achieved 2019)
    - Win the Andorran Super Cup (Achieved 2015)
    - Reach the Group Stages of the Europa League (Achieved 2020)
    - Win the Europa League
    (Runners-up 2033)
    - Reach the Group Stages of the Champions League
    (Achieved 2026)
    - Win the Champions League
    - Be appointed national team manager
    - Qualify for European Championship
    - Qualify for World Cup
    - Win European Championship
    - Win the World Cup

    (I'll highlight each goal when/if its achieved)

    Of course, the likes of winning the Champions League/World Cup may seem impossible, in theory (with the league enhancement feature in FM) these should eventually be achievable waaaaaaay into the future.

    Please follow/like/comment. Wish me luck.
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  2. what is the league enhancment feature? league rep?

  3. And so we begin...

    The second division of the Andorran league system. Does it get any lower?? Rather than start unemployed I allowed the game to pick a random team for me and so I take charge of Casa Benfica, no affiliation to the Benfica of Portugal unfortunately as I could have maybe loaned some players!


    Rise of Andorra!-casa-benfica_-overview-profile.jpgRise of Andorra!-casa-benfica_-information-general.jpgRise of Andorra!-casa-benfica_-information-facilities.jpgRise of Andorra!-casa-benfica_-history-overview.jpg


    Rise of Andorra!-jos-braulio-sanchis_-overview-profile.jpgRise of Andorra!-javi-gonz-lez_-overview-profile.jpg

    World beaters!!

    As you can see not much to work with but hopefully we can produce one or two youngsters in the first couple of seasons.

    *As the Andorran leagues are short (1st Div = 14 games, 2nd Div = 18 games) I'll just post my progress at the halfway stage then an end of season update. I should progress through seasons very quickly!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Fanty111 View Post
    what is the league enhancment feature? league rep?
    Yea, not sure of its exact name. I tried a similar challenge in FM10 but the league reputation could only ever go so far on the older versions

  5. Season One - Part One



    Rise of Andorra!-f-tbol-club-casa-del-benfica_-fixtures-schedule.jpg


    Rise of Andorra!-andorran-second-division_-overview-stages.jpg

    We made a blistering start to the campaign and have already opened up a massive lead at the top! All the more remarkable considering we don't have one single striker on our books.


    Rise of Andorra!-f-tbol-club-casa-del-benfica_-squad-players.jpg

    National Team

    2-2 v Singapore (FR)

    0-2 v Hungary (WCQ)

    1-2 v Holland (WCQ)

    0-4 v Estonia (WCQ)

    0-3 v Romania (WCQ)

    0-2 v Finland (FR)

    Unbelievably they took the lead against the Dutch but were quickly pegged back. It'll be several years before we see any notable improvement in the national team. I'm not in charge of them yet so hopefully when I do eventually get the job in the future the talent available to me when have improved.
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  6. Go On! You can do it, this look very interesting. Good luck mate!
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  7. I'll be following. Where did you get Andorran league?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Monfils View Post
    I'll be following. Where did you get Andorran league?
    Just added it myself in the editor.

  9. Season One - Part Two



    Rise of Andorra!-andorran-second-division_-overview-stages.jpg

    We maintained the pace we set early on and comfortably got promoted as Second Division champions. That's one of the goals achieved (see first post)

    Rise of Andorra!-f-tbol-club-casa-del-benfica_-fixtures-schedule.jpg

    In the Cup we got knocked out in the quarter final by the team that finished 3rd in the First Division so we can't be overly disappointed. We'll win it eventually!

    Rise of Andorra!-f-tbol-club-casa-del-benfica_-fixtures-schedule-2.jpg

    Elsewhere, Santa Coloma won the First Division going unbeaten and will lead the Andorran assault on Europe next year.

    Rise of Andorra!-andorran-first-division_-overview-stages.jpg

    *Coming up: Our first batch of youth players
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  10. THE NEXT STARS!?!?

    The first set of youth prospects have arrived at training. Given the state of Andorran football every youngster should become a regular member of my first team squad soon enough. In fact the new youth players have effectively double my squad size as we only operated with 18 players last season and often couldn't even fill the bench!

    The Kids

    Rise of Andorra!-f-tbol-club-casa-del-benfica-reserves_-squad-players.jpg

    The Best of the Bunch

    Rise of Andorra!-eduardo-v-a_-overview-profile.jpgRise of Andorra!-juan-miguel-ill-n_-overview-profile.jpgRise of Andorra!-rafael-jes-s-lasarte_-overview-profile.jpg

    Illan and Lasarte will go straight into the first team as they are already better than my current first choices.
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