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Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge

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    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge


    Some of you probably know me, i like to comment around and talk to a few of you

    I have never really done a successful story as i usually get bored, but this one has me intrigued and i want to suceed for a change!!

    Most of you have probably read "Klippybo" Taking on this challenge, So here i go!!

    "Klippybo Taking On the Champions League Challenge"

    First things first!!
    The Challenge!

    Stonecold & Klippybo's Ultimate Champions League Challenge

    The Teams and Stats

    ********** 4 Barcelona **********
    9 Real
    ---------- 4 Bayern Munich ----------
    3 Man Utd
    1 Chelsea
    2 Juventus
    7 AC Milan
    3 Inter Milan
    1 Dortmund
    2 Porto
    5 Liverpool
    1 Hamburg
    2 Benfica
    4 Ajax
    1 PSV
    1 Marseille
    1 Celtic
    1 Feynoord
    1 Aston Villa
    1 Red Star Belgrade
    1 Steaua Bucharest
    2 Nottingham Forest

    Bold = Champions League's won
    ********** = Completed
    ---------- = Currently Managing

    Hope you all enjoy

    2012/2013 - Barcelona - Champions League Winners, Liga BBVA Runners Up, Spanish Super Cup Winner
    2013/2014 - Bayern Munich - German Super Cup Winners
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    Year 1


    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-barcelona-1.jpg
    My plans - Start with the dominent force, get a win under my belt, progress from there!

    Yearly Goals:
    Win Champions League
    Top 3 BBVA
    Win Cup Competition

    These are my goals in order of importance,
    Main goal to win the Champions League, if not top 3 finish to secure next years campaign.

    Being Barcelona we already have a quality squad!
    So the main thing was plugging the gaps and getting quality back up!


    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-barcelona_-transfers-history.png

    Feel free to ask questions

    I sold Adriano before realising my problem at left back with Eric Abidal,
    So because of this i was planning for the future and purchased David Alaba to arrive at the end of the season,

    Demba Ba was a star in the first half of the season, but as Falcao arrived i thought i would try to make the most from Ba and get him out.

    Thiago I must admit was probably my biggest mistake, and during the time shortly after it showed how much we missed him and probably cost us the league.

    As you can probably see, I like to plan for the future, while at these big clubs, I dont really need to do


    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-f.c.-barcelona_-fixtures-schedule.png


    2nd in the league

    Spanish Super Cup Winners

    The plan being for this, stay on at Barcelona until a relatively large club becomes available to take over!!

    For my second season and after, I will be changing to a monthly format

    Thank you and please follow

    Let me know if anyone has any good stories
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    Year 2

    YEAR 2 - BAYERN MUNICH - Pre Season - October

    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-bayern-munich-1.jpg

    Year Goals
    Win Champions League
    Secure 2014/2015 Champions League
    Win Cup Competition

    These will generally be the goals for the top clubs, but when it comes to teams like Nottingham Forest, they will probably change!

    Having a quality squad already, its time to get rid of some of the oldies and bring in the new generation!


    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-fc-bayern_-transfers-history.png


    Gareth Bale rated highly by the scouts, and seeing how injury prone Robben is, need someone extra!

    Demba Ba was awesome at the top level for Barcalona, being friends i thought lets give him a chance in Germany again!

    Nikica Jelevich is someone who usually, is quite consistent for me! Needed another striker, paid to much really, hopefully worth it!

    Fabio Coentrao, Plays anywhere down the left with pretty awesome stats, average over 14! Just 25 years old, once he rejected Man Utd i needed to get in there and bolster my squad!

    Samuele Longo, 21 year old striker bought for just 3.5 million! average stats but good Finishing, Dribbling and mental stats! Will be used as backup to my main 3 strikers!
    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-samuele-longo_-overview-profile.png


    David Alaba had already gone to Barcalona

    Mario Gomez, although in his prime has never really performed for me so I had to let him go, probably will end up being a big mistake but lets see

    The rest mainly loans for average players

    Unbeaten friendlies, trying out different formations and adapting, Its looking good!!

    German Super Cup
    Bayern Munich 1 - 0 Werder Bremen
    N. Jelavich (1)

    German Cup Round 1
    Braunschweig 1 - 3 Bayern Munich
    M. Mandzukich (1)
    T. Kroos (1)
    O.G (1)

    Champions League Group F
    Bayern Munich

    Should be an easy group, but must win the games!!

    Champions League Group F Round 1
    Dinamo 2 - 2 Bayern Munich
    N. Jelavich (1)
    X. Shaqiri (1)

    League Matches can be seen here,
    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-fc-bayern-m-nchen_-fixtures-schedule-2.png

    League so far
    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-german-first-division_-overview-profile.png

    Best Player so Far

    Toni Kroos, a average rating of 7.50 in all competitions in 9 games!
    1 goal, 6 Assists and 1 Player of the match

    Injury List
    Frank Ribery - Hernia - 6 days - 2 weeks
    Daniel Van Buyten - Broken Ribs - 10 days - 2 weeks
    Philipp Lahm - Bruised Rib - 4 days - 5 days
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    7 Games this month, Including 2 European games and 1 German Cup game!
    Schalke, Stuttgart and Werder Bremen 3 tough opponents this month!!


    Muhammed Demirici (Turkish) MC 18 Free
    Sebastion Coates, Liverpool, DC, 23, 7.25 M (1st jan)

    H. Badstuber 25 Million Pound bid rejected from Man Utd

    Champions League F Round 2
    Bayern Munich 2 - 2 Roma
    D. Ba (1)
    B. Schweinsteiger (1) pen

    Conceding in the 82nd minute :/ Something is not going right here, Its not looking good in Europe!

    First Division Game 8
    Bayern Munich 6 - 0 Schalke
    G. Bale (1)
    B. Schweinsteiger (3) pen x1
    N. Jelavic (1)
    T. Muller (1)

    Lahm Back at RB good news Bad news, Bale out injured (with a stubbed toe)! Absolutely destroyed them, the penalty was clearly the turning point in the match!

    First Division Game 9
    Werder Bremen 2 - 3 Bayern Munich
    D. Ba (2)
    N. Jelavic (1)

    Toni Kroos, losing form since being player of the month, Lahm also had a shocker. We left it late with 2 goals in the last 10 mins but whats done is done!

    Ba injured in training misses Frankfurt game!

    First Division Game 10
    Bayern Munich 4 - 1 Frankfurt
    S. Longo (2)
    G. Bale (1)
    J. Boateng (1)

    Winning a few matches in a row is great for confidence! Will be playing top of the table Stuttgart shortly so we need the confidence! Its going well in the league

    European Champions League F Round 3
    Zenit 0 - 2 Bayern Munich
    X. Shaqiri (1)
    S, Longo (1)

    Longo scoring again! We cant seem to do well in Europe, took 80 minutes to score one, then just 2 minutes to score again :/ Hopefully the league we will continue to be strong!

    First Division Game 11
    Stuttgart 2 - 0 Bayern Munich

    10 Shots, and only 4 on target is not good enough for a league winning side :/ Need a big win in the cup to make me happy now, spoiled the month really was doing so well.

    German Cup 2nd Round
    Kaiserslauten 4 - 0 Bayern Munich

    Crashing out to a division 2 side, one there 32 shots to my 8 :/ one other massive problem, none of my players played worse than a 6.7 :/ not a happy bunny.

    League Table

    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-german-first-division_-overview-profile-2.png

    Champions League Group F

    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages.png

    Player of the mont
    Bastian Schweinsteiger despite only playing 4 games, 4 goals for a DM is not bad, 2 games over 9.4 rating, thourougly deserved!

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  5. like it so far. i guess a win and a draw could secure you cl qualification

  6. Nice job looking like you could win the CL with Bayern as well barring any injuries to your main players.

    Can you please also check out my Champions' League Challenge? Thanks

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge

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    sorry for quite the long time inbetween the next update, spent quite a long time scouting as it is nearly january
    have quite a few targets in mind

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    First unbeaten month at Bayern, need an away win against Roma to have any chance of winning the Champions League this year!
    2 Injuries up front leave me with just 2 strikers for December! Great end to the month, next month 3 games, Roma Dortmund and HSV, Great!

    No organised transfers as my budget is EMPTY
    Major scouting has taken place including visits to Iceland to watch a single player!
    3 Centre Backs lined up, 2 Playmakers, and 3 Strikers
    Ba could be on his way out if he doesnt start playing any better

    First Division Game 12Bayern Munich 4 - 1 Augsburg
    M. Mandzukic (2)
    S. Longo (1)
    T. Kroos (1)

    Champions League Group F Round 4
    Bayern Munich 2 - 0 Zenit
    S. Longo (1)
    M. Mandzukic (1)

    First Division Game 13
    Freiburg 0 - 0 Bayern Munich

    First Division Game 14
    Bayern Munich 1 - 1 Bayer Leverkusen
    N. Jelavic (1)

    Champions League Group F Round 5
    Bayern Munich 0 - 0 Dinamo

    First Division Game 15
    Bayern Munich 5 - 3 Bochum
    T. Kroos (1)
    D. Ba (1)
    Dante (1)
    X. Shaqiri (1)
    G. Bale (1)

    League Table
    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-german-first-division_-overview-profile-3.png
    Champions League Table
    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-2.png
    Player of the Month
    Bastian Schweinsteiger, consistently putting in performances of over 7.4, lowest performance was 7.1 this month! Very strong player dont see anyone taking his spot in the team!

    D. Ba (str) 2 months
    M. Mandzukic (str) 11 days - 2 weeks
    F. Coentrao (lb,lw) 3 - 7 days
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    Champions League dreams over
    Euro Cup here i come!

    Santiago Silva in (striker) (32) £1.5 Million, he will be a trial for the target man position, as by the look of it, his stats make him a good target man!
    Andreu Fontas in (def centre) (24) £1.8 Million, will mainly be a cover for my current defenders, also so that they can go to lb and rb if needed!
    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-andreu-font-s_-overview-profile.png

    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-sebasti-n-coates_-overview-profile.pngBradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-santiago-silva_-overview-profile.png


    F. Ribery out (AML) (30) £14.25 Million, Tottenham come in, he wasnt being used through injury and also could do with some money to strengthen for next years champions league! (2 days after confirmation he gets sacked, that was close!)

    2 massive transfers planned with chelsea!!

    First Division Round 16
    Borrussia Dortmund 3 - 0 Bayern Munich

    To be honest, this was an awful game, i have 2 strikers left, one got a match rating of 5.9 the other got took off injured on 64 minutes! Not good!

    Champions League Group F Round 6

    Roma 3 - 1 Bayern Munich
    T. Kroos (1)

    After going 1 - 0 up, i thought i may have a chance here, then 3 players performed extremely awful, below 5.5 and will be dropped for the next games! Not happy i am now out of Champions League

    First Division Round 17
    Bayern Munich 4 - 0 HSV
    N. Jelavic (1)
    J. Martinez (1)
    B. Schweinsteiger (1) pen x1
    A. Robben (1)

    Robben scoring moments after i place him on the transfer list!! A better way to end the month!

    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-euro-cup_-overview-stages.png

    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-euro-cup_-overview-stages-2.png

    Player of the Month
    H. Badstubar, 3 quality performances despite conceding 6 goals this month!!

    League Table
    Bradlad9, The Champions League Challenge-german-first-division_-overview-profile-5.png

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