Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge
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  1. Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge

    Welcome! I have decided to do a Champions League challenge in FM13 as I want to just win as much as I can. As you all probably know all be roaming across Europe trying to win Champions League with all the previous winners of the competition. Of course the team I will be starting with is my beloved

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-juventus-2012-2013-wallpaper.jpgAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-thumb_big_hd_4123ee37f178c5dc545d9c75c0b22136.jpg



    Ademilson 5.25 million pounds an absolute bargain hope he'll grow into an amazing player for the Bianconeri

    Wellington Nem for 3.5 million pounds is an absolute steal he's already proved to be a skilled player up front in the preseason

    Davide Santon: what can I say we need a full back and here he is! 16 million for him.

    Out: No one was sold and only Andrea Leone was sent out on loan no future at Juve for him unfortunately.

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-davide-santon_-overview-profile.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-wellington-nem_-overview-profile.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-adem-lson_-overview-profile.png


    Juventus 6-1 Augsburg
    Vucinic (3)

    Latina 0-1 Juventus

    Valenciennes FC 1-3 Juventus

    Frankfurt 1-4 Juventus
    Wellington Nem

    AC Milan 0-1 Juventus

    The preseason has been great now crack on to the season we will win the Champions League!

    Italian Super Cup

    Juventus 2-0 Napoli

    Yahooo!! First trophy in the bag a sign of good things to come in my young managerial career?

    Serie A

    Our first game in the season is against Pescara at home couldn't have an easier start...

    Juventus 2-0 Pescara

    There it is! First win of the season albeit against vastly inferior opposition, but three points are three points.

    UEFA Champions' League Draw

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-3.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-2.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages.png

    Just my luck I guess. I of course get the hardest group out of them all with the German and Spanish champions in my group. Then again, Juve are Italian champions and my team will of course bring back respect to Serie A and be the pride of Italy and Turin once again.

    League table after one match

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-serie-a_-overview-stages.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-serie-a_-overview-stages-2.png

    Only one match finished, but here are the tables 1 done 37 to go...

    Thank you for reading and any feedback on how I can improve this story and the way I play Football Manager will be greatly appreciated. Expect another update tomorrow at the very latest. Cheers guys!

    Final Transfers
    As of September 1, 2012

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-europe_-untitled-transfers-2.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-europe_-untitled-transfers.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-juventus_-transfers-history.png

  2. youve already flopped 16 million for davide santon.. issss waaaaay toooo much. considering that there are bettee options for much cheaper.

  3. Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-juventus-2012-2013-wallpaper.jpg


    Serie A

    Atalanta 0-2 Juventus
    Wellington Nem

    Good solid win, but could have won by more.

    UEFA Champions' League Group F Matchday 1

    In this match we were to be in front of our fans it was vital to get the three points to have a chance of winning the group

    Juventus 3-1 Real Madrid
    Vucinic (2)

    Yessss! My choice of Marrone was paid off after 7 minuted with an impecable header. Confidence is flowing and now I'm looking forward to the game at the Bernabeu.

    Serie A

    Juventus 2-1 Genoa

    The positives were that we won and Ademilson got his debut goal, but we played the last 30 minuted nervouly after conceding to Borriello that I told my defence to give special attention. Not impressed...

    Roma 1-3 Juventus

    Great result 3 consecutive MOTMs from Marrone really playing amazing and keeping Asamoah out of the starting XI.

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-jose-mourinho-made-hand-001.jpg

    Juventus 2-2 AC Milan

    I guess I'm happy with a draw in a game where we deserved to lose and the referee definetely did not help.


    UEFA Champions' League Group F Matchday 2

    Shakhtar 0-2 Juventus

    Great performance from the lads 2 games to wins and thats what matters. The funny thing is that I felt like we would struggle to get out of the group and you know what? We are going to win the group if we go on like this!

    Serie A

    Catania 1-0 Juventus
    NO ONE!!!

    I am absolutely pissed off at the team there is no excuse for this... this crap.

    UEFA Champions League Group F Matchday 3

    Dortmund 0-0 Juventus

    Kind of disappointed as it is the second game in a row without a win, but saw some positives for sure. They did have a goal disallowed though and so did we and I wasn't happy at all!

    Serie A

    Chievo Verona 1-4 Juventus

    And there you go! We are back in form and are cruising.


    Serie A

    Juventus 2-0 Parma

    Vucinic and none other then Vucinic!

    Amazing performance from the team in front of the fans and amazing performance yet again from Vucinic.

    Napoli 2-1 Juventus

    Useless! Absolutely useless!

    UEFA Champions' League Group F Matchday 4

    Juventus 1-0 Dortmund
    Wellington Nem

    Through to the next round we go great play from the lads.

    Serie A

    Juventus 0-0 Siena

    What the... Lichsteiner also got sent off! Luckily all the top 3 have also dropped points so we're level.

    Player of the Post is... Mirko!

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-c_3_media_1308995_immagine_ts673_400.jpg

    The league tables around the big leagues in Europe

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-serie-a_-overview-stages-3.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-german-first-division_-overview-stages.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-ligue-1_-overview-stages.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-liga-bbva_-overview-stages.png

    Cheers guys and any feedback is greatly appreciated. It makes this writing a lot easier when I know people are reading and potentially enjoying.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dilakh2 View Post
    youve already flopped 16 million for davide santon.. issss waaaaay toooo much. considering that there are bettee options for much cheaper.
    I was in desperate need of a left back and he has been amazing for me. I agree 16 million was a bit too much for him, but there was no one young with that much potential as a lb for 16 million. Considering how well I'm doing if I win Champions' League with Juve this season I'll be moving on anyway.

  5. love it so far...the top 5 or so in the league are really close...but i guess it'll change after the winter break

  6. Quote Originally Posted by samgenoa98 View Post
    love it so far...the top 5 or so in the league are really close...but i guess it'll change after the winter break
    Thanks yeah the top 3-5 in all the leagues especially the premier league are really weird!

  7. I live here in America so the next update will probably hit around 11 pm uk time on very busy. By the way any recommended signings I was given an extra 15 million and may get more for January.

  8. #8
    This is pretty good so far not sure about the lb :p but still, alaba is a quality left back :p can play nearly anywhere :p

  9. I have decided to try a different approach to game posts please tell me if this is better or if the other way was.

    Rest of November

    Serie A

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-serie-tim-logo.jpg

    Fiorentina vs Juventus

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-acf-fiorentina-v-juventus_-overview-overview.png

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh another tie come on pick it up!!!

    UEFA Champions' League Group F Matchday 5

    Here is the group as of now. All we need is a win against Madrid now or Shakhtar in Matchday 6 and we are officially group winners!

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-4.png

    Real Madrid vs Juventus

    Santiago Bernabeu

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-r.-madrid-v-juventus_-overview-overview.png

    Gutted really we had a lot of chances and if you don't take them you will eventually get punished and that is what happened here.

    Serie A

    Back to domestic football!!!

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-juventus-stadium.jpg

    Juventus vs Udinese

    Really needed a win here go on boys...

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-juventus-v-udinese_-overview-overview.png

    The boys can be proud of their performance today against a Udinese team that was strong up front, but lacked the quality in the back.

    And it just so happens...
    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-abdi-ibrahim_-news-inbox.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-abdi-ibrahim_-news-inbox-2.png

    Tables around Europe

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-serie-a_-overview-stages-4.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-liga-bbva_-overview-profile.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-german-first-division_-overview-profile.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-ligue-1_-overview-profile.pngAbdinho's Champions' League Challenge-eredivisie_-overview-profile.png

    I also forgot to add the Champions' League table in my last update sorry. Here it is with 5 matches played.

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-5.png

    As you can see we are currently sitting 2nd. Not happy...

    Thanks for reading! Tell me if you like this and I should continue like this or if I should just update on a season basis, maybe half a season? You guys choose


    Mirkoooooo Vuciniccc

    Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-225703hp2.jpg

    Cheers guys.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Abdinho's Champions' League Challenge-gun__1219930181_champions_league_beams.jpg  

  10. personally I preferred the way you had it before. good story tho and I will keep following

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