The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition
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  1. The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition

    The aim.......
    Hello Guys, I have struggled to commit myself to FM13....until i read Klippys Story, and I myself have decided to take up the challenge as well

    The Challenge
    the challenge is to take all the 22 teams that have won the champions league, to champions league again, fairly simple challenge to understand, but extremely difficult to execute.

    I have choose to do the challenge on FMC so i could only load 3 leagues at a time, i decided on the Spanish, German and Italian Leagues.
    I immediately dismissed FC Bayern as that is the team that Klippy started with, I decided to look over at the Serie A, Juventus, A.C Milan and Inter. Not Inter as they're in Europa, The Choice was Milan or Juventus, the winner being..........

    Yes they are predicted first in the table and have a very nice squad with Pirlo, Buffon and Chiellini

    Team Titles Seasons
    Juventus 2012/13

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  2. gd luck and welcome

  3. Quote Originally Posted by White army View Post
    gd luck and welcome
    Thanks Mate, I'm already busy with the transfers

  4. Italian Super Cup

    The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-juventus-v-napoli_-info-formations.png
    A full strength squad from me as I wanted to hit out on a high with the Clubs Board of Directors, as you can see Davide Santon was bought into the squad as the next best LB was Vidal!!! I am wondering of Vucinic's place in the squad after this game and already have in mind who i will snap up.

    Normal Time
    Juventus 1-1 Napoli

    Giovinco scored early on off a Pirlo Free-Kick, Cavani pulled one back but it was disalowed, after watching the replay I have come to realize that it was in fact a goal and should of stood, Maggio got the equalizer but i am left wondering what Santon Was doing when Maggio ran straight past him and volleyed at the back post!!!

    Napoli Score
    Vidal Cavani 0-1
    Pirlo Hamsik 1-2
    Marchisio Dzemaili 2-2
    Asamoah El Kaddouri 3-3
    Giaccherini Campagnaro 3-4

    FUCK!!! I really wanted to win this to get my first trophy with in 2 months of signing for the club, It was so hard to watch Napoli have 2 players score when Vidal missed his, I thought we might be able to get it to go to sudden death but Giacc...whats-its-face put it wide and all Campagnaro had to do was score, which he did, I F***ing hate second place, no-one remembers second place.

  5. August

    only 1 game in the month (apart fro the Italian SC) and god did we smash it, Davide Santon scored his first Juventus goal by running from our half to there touchline, cut in, and slotted it by the the keeper, WHAT A GOAL!!!!!!!

    Juventus 6 v 1 ACF Fiorentina
    Giaccherini, Bonucci, Chiellini, Santon, Vidal, Matri

    Holy Shit what a game, we ent into the game 7-4 favourites, but i don't think the bookies expected a 5 GOAL MARGIN, it took us 15 minutes to score the 1st goal, from Davide Santon, a 50 yard run, 7 players taken on including the keeper, from there we were comfortably in control

    Champions League Group Stage Draw
    Group H
    Man Utd -WINNER
    Juventus - 2ND
    Can't complain about the draw really, it's the Champions League, They're tough teams. Man Utd will be the challenge, Malaga and Olympiakos should be a breeze,..Predictions-

    Group A
    Winner- Dortmund
    2nd -Valencia
    (FC Porto will get 3rd i rekon)

    Group B
    Winner- A.C. Milan
    2nd- Shakhtar

    Group C
    2nd- Schalke

    Group D
    Winner- PSG
    2nd- Arsenal
    (Zenit will just miss out)

    Group E
    Winner- Man City
    2nd- FC Bayern

    Group F
    Winner- Real Madrid
    2nd- Ajax

    Group G
    Winner- Chelsea
    2nd- SLB

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  6. The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-tom-barnes_-news-inbox.png haha, may of over-exaggerated Santons Goal a bit, Giaccherini got second and deserved it.

  7. September

    September was a fairly good month though we lost our first match of the month but beat united after going to 10
    men through Vidal. 5 games in and we are sitting in second which i am happy with as that is the Group Stage spot for the CL

    Cagliari 2 v 1 Juventus

    Played a slightly weaker squad as the next game was Manchester United in the CL and that is the challenge, so i'm not to bothered for that reason, second reason it's early in the season, so there is plenty of time to go on a long winning streak.

    Champions League Group H Matchday 1
    Juventus 2 v 1 Man Utd
    Matri, Pirlo

    HAHA, IN YOUR FACE UNITED, (sorry, Liverpool Fan Here), I'm extremely pleased with the team, less-so Vidal. Pirlo put us in-front off 1 of his special free-kicks, absolute cracker. We were holding the lead quite comfortably until Vidal got the red, luckily it was a second yellow. I was getting nervous, but then Matri scored in thee 89th, Scholes got 1 back but it was to latte for them to do anything about it.

    Juventus 3 v 1 Genoa
    Vidal (pen rebound) Matri 2

    I have to change the 1st choice Penalty taker after this game, Vidal has had 2 penalty's and has been denied twice, Pirlo will take the reigns to become my best Set-Piece Specialist. Matri is in great form and showded it with his 2 great goals from outside the box

    Roma 1 v 3 Juventus
    Giaccherini, Giovinco, Matri

    Great game for us, but I am left wondering how Osvado got down to the touchhine and megged Buffon at the near post, but we still got a comfortable win wit the 2 goal margin

    Juventus 2 v 0 A.C. Milan
    Vidal 2

    VIDAL, VIDAL, what a game he had, absolute cracker, couldn't ask for more from the squad scoring 2 goals and keeping a clean sheet, didn't really threaten us really.

    Player of the Month

    Alessandro Matri
    The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-alessandro-matri_-stats-overview.png
    Exceptional performances from this man, 5 from 5, average rating of 7.90, might of been Vidal in this place if he had scored the penalty and didn't get sent off

    League Table
    The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-serie-a_-overview-stages.png
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  8. Chievo surprising in Calcio, and you're doing a great season!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Max Aveiro View Post
    Chievo surprising in Calcio, and you're doing a great season!
    Thanks a lot, I'm really enjoying it as well, Chievo haven't had a tough start...........they also haven't played me yet :p

  10. October

    We have mentained an unbeaten run in the Serie A and sit on top of the table through a last minute equalizer from Marchisio, We are also sitting on top of Group H by 1 point, Man Utd in second, who i think will win it, Malaga is completely out of it, Olympiakos too. Buffon is out for 2 MONTHS, thanks to Itay, Fuck sake...

    Malaga 0 v 0 Juventus

    Dissapointed to be honest, this draw i think will cost us the Group win, we should of probably won this, we were in complete control.

    Siena 0 v 2 Juventus
    Vidal (pen 2)

    OMG, I forgot to change my penalty kick taker and Vidal goes and scores 2!!! Even though we won I can't help feeling a tad annoyed as we did not score off set-pieces in this game.

    Juventus 3 v 0 Olympiakos
    Giaccherini 2, Matri

    Matri is back on the score sheet, Giaccherini is really putting in some good performances after i had doubts about him being in the starting line-up, overall I'm happy as it looks like i am qonna go on and qualify for the knock-out stages of the competition.

    Atalanta 1 v 1 Juventus

    Bloody Hell wasn't i angry, we hardly had a shot on goal and then they scored in the 80 something minute, Luckily Marchisio popped it home in the 90th minute to keep top spot, Chievo are still pissing us off in second

    Player of the Month

    Leonardo Bonucci
    The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-leonardo-bonucci_-stats-overview.pngThe Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-leonardo-bonucci_-overview-profile.png
    He has been an absolute rock at the back for us and a menace off the corners, thoroughly deserves it

    The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-serie-a_-overview-stages-2.pngThe Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-serie-a_-stats-team-stats.pngThe Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-serie-a_-stats-player-stats.png
    Sitting on top ahead of Chievo, how are Chievo there though, they're not that good are they??!

    this is nice

    The Champions League Challenge - The TommyTorres edition-tom-barnes_-news-inbox-2.png

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