Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians

  1. Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians

    So i decided to start a story with my local team kendal town, i have a marine save but i never documented it but i have been inspired by mojo dex and his guernsey save so i thought i would have a go at building a team up to the top using youth products. I will sign players but i wish to produce many of my players. Kendal are predicted 10th, i'm not sure whether i'll get quick success or not but i will try my best and know how and where to find regens so i think i will be shooting up the table soonish. well i give it a go and see what happens, please follow.
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  2. So went into the transfer market and signed some good players. You can see my tatics, i am going for the 442 to start then i'll change it if it goes wrong. You can also see what i think my best players are, ethan mannion is my best player i hope he will bag some goals for some.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians-kendal-town_-transfers-history.png   Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians-kendal-town_-tactics-overview.png   Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians-ethan-mannion_-overview-profile.png  

    Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians-danny-wisdom_-overview-profile.png   Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians-ben-wood_-overview-profile.png   Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians-craig-dootson_-overview-profile.png  

    Kendal Town-Rise of the cumbrians-marc-joseph_-overview-profile.png  

  3. AUGUST- So this month went well! i am unbeaten in all matches but we may lack a goalscorer but we have a youth player who may be able to fill that bill. Top of the league and will hopefully keep it going!
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  4. September- Good month! the cup could really help us with money! good win away at chorley as well. i'm thinking of aiming for the playoffs.
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