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Romsey Town - Youth Justice System
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  1. Romsey Town - Youth Justice System

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    Romsey Town

    Romsey Town F.C. is a football club based in Romsey, Hampshire, England. The club competes in the Wessex Premier Division which is the ninth tier of English football. The club is affiliated to the Hampshire Football Association and is an FA chartered Standard club Formed in 1886, Romsey have always been around the 9th and 10th tiers of English Football but have once in their history reached the Fourth Qualifying Round of the FA Cup in the 1990–91 season. They were among the founding members of the Wessex League in 1986. The club plays at the Bypass Ground which they moved to in 1956.

    I am only using my Youth Academy Players For This Save... Inspired By MojoDex & Obscurity.


    I have gone for the basic 4-4-2 formation, and am in the midst of getting my team fluent. The full backs are quite attack minded and the overall tactic is also quite attacking.

    Academy Upgraded

    Good News! The board have already agreed to increase and better the Youth Academy.

    A Star Already?

    I havent seen a starter regen like this before and I hope he stays with us. I hear at Amateur clubs players can wonder off to other clubs. He looks decent and is by far my best player. Will be relying on him as my engine room.


    A good Pre-Season saw us unbeaten and performing well. It still feels abit lucky at the moment though and our opposition always look likely to score against us. Big work needed on my defenders and their training. Hopefully it will improve or we can outscore our opponents. We go into the season confident though and the teams morale is high.

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  2. Mason looks the dogs! Get the board to go semipro soon as or he will be off like a shot! Friendlies went well looking good so far.

  3. are you playing on FMC or are you just using the FMC skin? if you're playing with FMC then can you tell me how you got the 9th tier on it?

  4. Best of luck Tobey, Mason looks great for that level of football! I tried getting level 9 to work on FMC but the trick doesn't work on the newest patch?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MojoDex View Post
    Mason looks the dogs! Get the board to go semipro soon as or he will be off like a shot! Friendlies went well looking good so far.
    How do i get the board to do that?

  6. Fixtures

    Here's a look at my first eleven games of the season. So far not to bad. I had a drawing managerial debut but won my next only to be followed by three more draws. I think my formation has been settling well and my squad had been looking for someone to score the goals. I was beaten in the Southern League Cup first round but a Cup run isn't really a priority. I was kind of disappointed to win in my F.A Vase Qualifying game as I could do with fewer games.

    League Table

    5th in the league isn't bad as we have been predicted to finish 16th. We have played well and my tactics are still be learned by the players.

    Record Achieved

    Really not that spectacular but we'll take the accolades as they come.

    Academy Upgraded

    The board agreed that something had to be done about our youth setup and duely agreed to improve our academy.

    Just quickly, does anyone have any advice on how to ensure my players arent always knackered. They seem to suffer alot of fatigue even though most matches are 7 days apart.

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  7. Fixtures

    Another good few months have seen Romsey go unbeaten in the league but also see them bow out of the F.A Vase which I don't mind and as I've said before I want to concentrate on the league as only top spot gets promoted and I want to save my players for a big promotion push. A spate of clean sheets aswell which was good but now my keeper is injured for 3 months!

    League Table

    Top spot and deservedly so! My tactics are starting to pay off and my players are playing more confidently. Although I didn't see myself in this position I am thrilled to be top and hope that I can get promoted on my debut season. I know there's still a long way to go byt I'm excited.

    Key Players

    A quick look at Mason who I though would have played a bigger part this season. I have made him my playmaker and he does spread the ball about a bit but he hasn't be spectacular. I know he is young maybe I am being to expectant. His two goals came in our last game aswell so hopefully he'll be more confident now.

    James Abbott has been great this season scoring in important games. He is always a danger up front and links up well with the clubs other strikers. Hopefully his form will continue.

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by TobeyJames View Post
    How do i get the board to do that?
    it's in the talk to board tab. It may be greyed out for the time being but it's worth keeping an eye on.

  9. Fixtures

    Really dominating now and our results show this, we are starting to score a few more goals now and the team are really rocking and rolling. All 25 season ticket holders must be amazed at how there predicted 16th team is doing. Still not as good as we could be but impressive for such a small club playing with its youth team.


    Doing incredibly well in the League and our nearest competitor is 10 points below us. I'm hoping for a clean sweep in the final 11 games of the season but you never know. I'm praising all my players who have a great rating and that seems to be filling the team up with confidence.

    Record Achieved!

    As long as this keeps happening I'll be happy.

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  10. Youth Intake 2012-2013 Season

    A few good players in here, I'm assuming their potential is so high due to the fact i'm in such a low league any how. I can be happy with these youngsters I guess.

    Ben Cousins

    Seem's ok, touted as one of the best players in the group. I will introduce him into first team football and see how he does.

    Darren David

    Again touted as one of the better players but as I have a few players already in his position I will keep him in the under 18's squad. Hopefully he can develop though.

    Robert Brazil

    Another youngster to ply his trade in the Under 18's for a while. Great Penalty taking stats but so far I can only remember about 1 penalty so far this season lol.

    Yohance Cole

    Looks like he may become a very useful striker. If his pace and speed develop then he could become a tricky player in the future. Again I'll give him first team football this season.

    A Great Debut!!

    A good way to introduce yourself I suppose. Last Minute Goal! Whoop!

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