Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos

  1. Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos

    Hello FM basers,
    I have my laptop back, and I have FM13, so I'm going to do another story because I enjoyed the one I did for FM12. This time, I will aim to achieve several goals managing my beloved Hull City, I hope you enjoy it!

    1) Get promoted to the PL by the third season
    2) Compete in a continental competition by the sixth season
    3) Win at least one domestic cup by the fifth season
    4) Always have finances of 'Okay' or better


  2. This one's going to be quite wordy, so let's go.

    Club Info:

    So the first thing I always do after dealing with the messages I get at the start, is to look at how the club is, financially and resource-wise. Compared to FM12 we're not doing too bad, and we don't have to offload players to balance the books. The facilities aren't bad, but if we get promoted, they will have to improve.
    Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-hull_-information-general.pngMauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-hull_-information-facilities.png


    After checking the club info, it's onto the squad. Hull's squad IRL aren't too shabby, and they currently sit in 2nd place in the championship. As you can see above, our media prediction is eleventh, and I think we can do better than that.
    Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-hull-city_-report-squad-depth.png

    Key Players:
    In Hull's squad, like in many squads, there are plenty of key players who can change the outcome of a game or even a season!

    James Chester (CB) (23)
    In my completely biased opinion, James Chester is the best centre-back in the championship, his ability to read the game and anticipate a tackle are unbelievable when you consider he's only 23, I feel he is under-rated on this (but I think many hull players are over-rated) as he is definitely Hull's best player.
    Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-james-chester_-overview-attributes.png

    Robert Koren (CM) (31)
    When Koren is used in the right position, he can be absolutely lethal, unfortunately, due to a shortage of good strikers, he has found himself playing up-front for hull this season, which is a shame because he's a great player with bags of experience, no stranger to the PL.
    Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-robert-koren_-overview-attributes.png

    Sone Aluko (AML)(23)
    I have a friend who is a Rangers fan, he hates me because we poached Aluko from them. On his day, he can be unplayable and on the ball he is absolutely majestic. Unfortunately, like Koren, he has found himself playing as a striker, which is a waste of such a great talent.
    Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-sone-aluko_-overview-attributes.png

    Ahmed Elmohamady (AMR)(24)
    Elmohamady, although unfortunately a loan signing, can make a huge difference to my first-year promotion push. another great winger who somehow finds himself in the championship. He also has my favourite trait, versatility, as he can play anywhere on the right wing. (D/WB/M/AM(R))
    Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-ahmed-elmohamady_-overview-attributes.png
    Now I know my strengths and weaknesses, I can write a tactic that utilises my strength and minimises my weaknesses.
    Mauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-hull-city_-tactics-overview.png

    It's not the finished product but it'll look something like that, there's some changes I'd like to make to my squad before tweaking this one and making a couple of reserves.

    Hull are definitely not a rich club, thanks to Paul Duffen, but there is some money to spend, if you can offload a couple of playersMauled by the Tigers - The return of Carlos-hull-city_-squad-players.png
    Seyi Olofinjana and Paul McShane, earn £43,000 p/w between them, if I can get them off the wage bill, I can bring some good players in, I'd especially like to strengthen in goal, and sign a quality attacking midfielder, to sit behind Fryatt.

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