Youtube Story - An Aussie managing in Australia.
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  1. Youtube Story - An Aussie managing in Australia.

    Hey guys, was just hoping some of you could check out my youtube series, hoping for a long term story here. There will be daily episodes so subscribe if you like what you see and don't forget to tune in to see me. Appreciate it.

    My Channel -

  2. Episode 2 is out now guys feel free to check it out, also if you havent watched the first episode give it a watch. Cheers.

    Episode 1 -

    Episode 2 -

    And don't forget more are on the way daily.

  3. Episode 3 has just been uploaded guys check it out and if you haven't already give the other two a watch first, episodes will be out around the same time daily so subscribe to stay upto date with them. Cheers guys.

    Episode 3 -

  4. Hey guys, just letting those that have or have not been watching these episodes know that episode 4 is now up. Check it out, and don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment on the video if you like what you're seeing. The series will get a lot more interesting in the coming days. Cheers guys.

    Episode 4 -

    Daily episodes coming your way.

  5. Newest episode now out guys and if you haven't seen all the rest you can get upto date with them by going to my channel and watching them from the playlist.

    Episode 5 -

    Things will be getting very, very interesting in the coming week so keep an eye out, don't forget daily episodes guys!

  6. Next episode is out now guys don't forget to subscribe if you like what you say and feel free to leave comments about anything FM related. Of course if you haven't checked out the previous episodes do so by going to my channel. Cheers guys.

    Episode 6 -

    Daily episodes

  7. Guys just wanted to let all of you know that I've now got a much better youtube layout and its now easier then ever to watch all my episodes so if you would all be so kind as to give them a watch if you haven't already click on my channel in the OP and get watching. Cheers guys.

  8. Newest episode out now guys check it out and don't forget to like and subscribe.

    Episode 7 -

    Cheers guys.

  9. Episode 8 is now out guys after the heart breaking end to last season I've been reinvented as a manager and ready to push on. If you like my series guys then subscribe, enjoy.

    Episode 8 -

    Still keeping daily episodes and a new series will be coming out during the next few days or so. Cheers.

  10. Next episode is out guys. Just wanted to say a big thankyou to the people who actually watch the videos, I really enjoy making them and to know people are actually watching them is such a great feeling, so cheers guys

    Episode 9 -

    Daily episodes. Don't forget to subscribe

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