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bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story

  1. bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story

    (as of 31/01/2013)
    Scarps' Liga BBVA Chairman Game!

    For those who don't know what a Chairman game is, it's essentially a game where 20 people become the chairmen of all the clubs in a league, and they become responsible for setting budgets, changing managers, making certain transfers, and managing certain aspects of the club. Everybody who takes part will run their decisions through me, I will confirm they are OK and edit them into the game, and then that person announces what they have done in the thread.

    Posting Rules
    1) You must put some effort into your press releases. see this link for examples, similar to story
    2) You must be able to regularly check the thread for updates, read your PMs, and follow the rules of the game. Failure to be active or repeatedly violating the rules of the game will see you being removed from it.
    3) Nothing is to be announced in this thread until I have told you it is OK.
    4) Anything you want to do must be sent to me in a PM. I will then check it, and if it is all OK I will reply and let you know that you can announce it in the thread.
    5) Failure to confirm things with me before announcing them will see you removed from the game.

    Game Rules

    1) You may sack your manager, or any other member of staff, at any time. Doing so will require you pay the remainder of their contract in full.
    2) Only realistic managerial appointments will be allowed, so it is not possible to bring Pep Guardiola to Stoke. The same rule applies for other positions too. (The Manager rep must be lower than Club Rep +5%)
    3) Signing a manager from another team will require you to pay a compensation value of the remainder of their contract + 25%.Manager Wages will be calculated at the same rate as players from own nation and then the predicted club position is taken into account.
    4) You may set your transfer & wage budgets to whatever you like, but if you put them too high you run the risk of your club having financial problems in the future, so I advise against going too high.
    5) Facilities may be upgraded at any time, however at a cost:
    £2,500,000 for a minor improvement to your youth system.
    £3,000,000 for a minor improvement to your traning facilities.
    Stadium upgrades will not be considered in the first season, I will revisit this after the first season.


    1) To sign a player from another team in your league you must contact the Chairman of that team and agree a value with them via PM. (You can then calculate their wage using one of the rules below) Both Chairmen will then need to PM me with the agreed amount, and once I have confirmed it then you can announce the transfer in the thread.
    2) The number of players that you can sign is limited to the following:
    Transfers between clubs in the league - Unlimited
    Loans between clubs in the league - Unlimited
    Transfers from clubs in your nation, below your league - 5 per season
    Transfers from foreign clubs - Maximum of 2 in the Summer, maximum of 1 in January.
    Loans from foreign clubs - 2 per season
    Free signings - 3 per season
    Transfers of youth players* from foreign clubs - Maximum of 1 in the Summer, maximum of 1 in January.
    *A youth player is classified as a player aged 18 or under and valued at below £2,500,000*
    3) The price of players is as follows:
    Transfers between clubs in the league - Agreed between Chairmen
    Transfers from clubs in your nation, below your league - Double the players current value
    Transfers from foreign clubs - 2.5 times the players current value
    Transfers of youth players from foreign clubs - Double the players current value IF they have not represented their nation and have played less than 10 senior games for their club. Four times the players current value if they have represented their nation or have played more than 10 senior games.
    If players are transfer listed or have a release clause, then they will be taken into account and the lowest amount will be used as the purchase price
    4) If there is a player that you want to sign on a free transfer then you must PM me their name. Then at the end of the transfer window I will put them all in the thread and there will be a blind auction. By that I mean every Chairman can submit contracts to the players, these offers will be sent to me via PM. After the auction has finished the players will join the team that offers him the highest contract.
    5) You may release any players from their contract at any time, but will have to pay the remainder of their contract to do so.
    6) If you wish to sell players then you need to post them in the thread as available. Other Chairmen can then make offers for them if they wish. If they are not sold to another Chairman in the league then I will set them as transfer listed in the game, this does not guarantee that they will be sold however.

    This is quite complicated, so please read it carefully.
    The wages that players will be signed on will vary depending on the player you're signing and the club that you're at.
    Predicted League Position of 1st to 6th:
    Player aged 18 of less - 1.75 times current wage
    Players aged 19 to 32 - 1.75 times current wage
    Players aged 33 or over - 1.5 times current wage
    Players from own nation - 1.5 times current wage

    Predicted League Position of 7th to 14th
    Players aged 18 or less - 1.5 times current wage
    Players aged 19 to 32 - 1.5 times current wage
    Players aged 33 or over - 1.25 times current wage
    Players from own nation - 1.25 times current wage

    Predicted League Position of 15th to 20th
    Players aged 18 or less - 1.25 times current wage
    Players aged 19 to 32 - 1.25 times current wage
    Players aged 33 or over - Same as current wage
    Players from own nation - Same as current wage

    New Chairman
    Arsenal - Scotty98TR "Scott Trowers"
    Aston Villa -StokieScott "Scott Lochrie"
    Chelsea - mekitozito "Peter Fukalot"

    Everton - TobeyJames "Tobey James"
    Fulham - NathWalker "Nathan Walker"
    Liverpool - gogogo golem "Joseph Richardson"
    Manchester City - bornexplorer88 "Georgi Kinkladze"
    Manchester United - MadRo "Maarten Vos"
    Newcastle United - KaiRooney "Kai Rooney"
    Norwich City - sparkstriff "Mark Kelly"
    QPR - spongespuds "The Hoff"
    Reading - T1LL13 "Scott Tillie"
    Southampton - Major Mash "Elmer Fudd"
    Stoke City - Eoin McG "James Bradley"
    Sunderland - kris0710 "Kristopher Scott"
    Swansea City - Sam91 "Sam Birch"
    Tottenham Hotspur - LFC Marshall "Billie Marshall"
    West Bromwich Albion - Potta "Sir Bobby Robson"
    West Ham United - js0304 "Geoff Turner"
    Wigan Athletic - s3lby "Ryan Kimbrell"



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  2. This sounds complicated! I'm looking forward to following though
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  3. bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story-2013-01-20_00001.jpgbornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story-arsenal-takeover.png

  4. bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story-arsenal-transfer-list.png

    bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story-index.jpg PEACE DIES

    PREMIER LEAGUE West Bromwich Albion have been hit by the sudden death of owner Jeremy Peace .
    A club statement didn't give any further details regarding the cause, but praised the 56-year-old West Bromwich-born-and-bread businessman for his involvement in turning the Baggies' fortunes around.

    It read: “Anyone who came to know Jeremy learned of his quick wit, love of football - most especially of his beloved football club - and his unquenchable thirst for better knowledge of all things.

    “Anyone who had the privilege of meeting Jeremy met a man who was quiet, unassuming, undemonstrative and fantastic fun to be with.

    “To say he will be missed is an unmistakable understatement.

    “What would Jeremy want now is a question that will be on everyone’s lips,” it read.

    “He would have wanted to be there to see the Baggies establish themselves as a formidable Premier League side, who were challenging for silverware".

    “The well laid plans for the club that he and the executive chairman had mapped out over a year ago will continue to be implemented uninterrupted and nothing will change in that regard, However they are looking for a passionate footballing man to pick up, where Jeremy left off.”

    “The club will ensure that Jeremy’s’ wishes are carried out in full.” But the question on everyone’s lips is ‘Who will continue his legacy?’

  6. Irish Businessman Takes Over Norwich

    Irish entrepreneur Mark Kelly has purchased Premier League team Norwich City, with fans eagerly anticipating the new ownership. He has admitted that the club is in a poor financial position, but hopes that through selling players manager Chris Hughton will raise funds to improve the squad. "This club needs to be both successful on and off the field. We will be looking for players mainly from the Uk and Ireland however our main interest is younger players."

    Social networks are a flutter with this news, however Kelly warned that all players have a price. Kelly has told the media at an interview that Hughton will stay on as manager "for now" and that avoiding relegation is important for this season.

  7. bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story-reading-take-over.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story-reading-take-over.jpg  

  8. Bit rubbish but i tried lol

    bornexplorer88's Chairman Game - Story-sir.jpg STILL INSPIRING

    Sir Bobby Robson’s greatest quality is the ability to inspire.
    It is no coincidence so many of his young players enjoyed fantastic
    careers, from Malcolm Macdonald (Fulham) to Luis Figo (Sporting Lisbon) and Ruud van Nistelrooy (PSV). Even his interpreter Jose Mourinho went on to make a decent living from the game!????

    Now, almost after eight years out the game, Sir Bobby’s famous motivational presence will be felt again at his second footballing home, West Bromwich Albion.

    The 56-year-old will be overseeing the running of the club on a day-to-day basis. Sir Bobby will have a principal role to see the development of the long term strategy for the football club and the business.

    "There are great expectations here, and I will ensure that every effort is made to meet them," said SBR. When asked “can you take this club to the next level?” Sir Bobby replied "People want success. It's like coffee, they want instant."

    He added: "We will take our example from our supporters, who already are what we aim to become – “A team who can challenge for the long term future. The supporters, the city of West Bromwich and the region deserve nothing less.”

    Sir Bobby Robson was asked if new manager Steve Clarke would be in charge of the club come August 12th “Brian Clough had a knack of picking out apparently ordinary players and improving them out of all recognition - John McGovern, Garry Birtles and Peter Withe are examples.” This is what I observed Steve do at my time as Newcastle Manager”
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