The Blue Citizens of Manchester

  1. The Blue Citizens of Manchester

    I have Started a Manchester City save in FM classic and I am going to attempt to write a story of my progress. It will hopefully contain small traces of humour but it is mostly meant as a serious save in which I attempt to get success. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and hope you enjoy.

  2. The Blue Citizens of Manchester
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    Press conference at the Etihad. July 17th 2012
    Khaldoon Al Mubarak: Today I am proud to announce the appointment of our new manager, Carol Dorron. She is here as a replacement for our departing manager, Mancini who has left due to a weak relationship with the squad and his inability to get past the group stages of the Champions league.
    Robbie Marshall: Why Carol Dorron, surely this is a risky appointment as she has no managing experience.
    Khaldoon Al Mubarak: She has had many years of International football with Manchester United woman’s team and England’s woman’s team, surely this accounts for something, however, I have also thought that it would be better to allow a local of Manchester to have a chance of managing.

    Carol Dorron: Yes it is a dream come true to manage a team with such a great support.
    Robbie Marshall: Due to having a lot of money at your disposal, what sort of players are you looking to bring into the squad?
    Carol Dorron: I have quite a few potential transfers in mind. However due to the strength of the squad that I have at my disposal, I will mostly be looking for backup players. I am also looking to bring back some iconic players of Manchester.
    Robbie Marshall: Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions, I shall be looking forward to your activities in the transfer market with great anticipation.

  3. I'm really sorry if this doesn't work for some people its just that I pre wrote this on word and I cant find a better way to upload it.

    The Blue Citizens of Manchester transfers 1.doc

  4. August Premier league review

    West Ham United 0-4 Manchester City

    Four brilliant goals by Clichy, Sinclair, Prince Boateng and Aguero help Manchester city to a important first league win under Carol Dorron. Carol Dorron uses her highly attacking minded tactic in an successful attempt to destroy newly promoted West ham.

    Manchester City 2-1 Swansea City
    Despite controlling the game in terms of possession Swansea couldn't get the win they deserved and Manchester City used their flair, skill and technique to defeat a strong Swansea team thanks to two goals from Aguero on either side of a strike by Danny Graham.

    Southampton 2-3 Manchester City
    Southampton exploit Manchester City's tactic by overcoming Kompany the lone defender to score two magnificent goals. However this is not enough for the saints as Sinclair, Aguero and Akinfenwa outscore the opposition with great attacking capability's at show.

    Robbie Marshall:Carol Dorron, So far your team have made it four out of four wins. This achievement must surely be overshadowed by your inability to stop the ball going into your own net after having had conceded 4 in this time frame?

    Carol Dorron: This doesn't worry me in the slightest as we have been outscoring the opposition in each of these circumstances The problem with playing the 1-4-5 and 1-3-6 tactics is that we do concede goals, however, we have scored 12 goals in the last 4 games.

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