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Swansea City | Youtube Series!
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  1. Swansea City | Youtube Series!

    Join me in my first year as Swansea, would be great to get some more viewers, comments and subscribers!

  2. Just watched it, looks quite good mate, good transers by the way.
    I think, with some luck, you can push for 8-9th in the league

    Good luck pal

  3. Will watch soon. Am glad to we a Swansea you tube story.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys, would be great if you could subscribe, new episode up tomorrow

  5. Episode 2!

  6. A terrible month, I NEED HELP!

  7. what kind of help? ;O

    I would suggest getting a good coach with technical & attacking stats, and get him on shooting training. That might help with shoots. Also, try to use *get into box* shout. I guess ~60% of your shots are from around 25-30m mark.

    Hope that helps. :> I think you can still go for something good. That month was hard, but its gonna get better when ur tactic & players settle

    anyways, good luck :>
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  8. Episode 4! Things are better, how do i get him on shooting training?

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  9. You go to *traning* section, then to *coaches*, and you vvill see shooting, defence, attack etc training, so there you go!

    Told you it' gonna get better ^^

    Also, could advice Fredy Guarin. He is quite good at midfield, and has some ridiculous long shooting ability :X

    For an ST, I think, Johan Elmander is pretty good, despite not having best stats and he is around 30. :\
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  10. I'm scoring quite a few now haha, I haven't changed anything though!
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