Smith's attempt at the Champions League Challenge

  1. Smith's attempt at the Champions League Challenge

    Well this challenge is bascially win the champions league with every team that has won it before
    Who to start with!
    I was going to start off with Celtic or Villa but then decided I would go a better team try get them out of the way first.

    I was then stuck on choosing between 3 teams Bayern, Chelsea or Real Madrid. I thought about it and decided i would get Bayern out of the way first.

    Well I hope people follow this all advice is taking on board and is welcome.

    First update will be up soon.

  2. Pre Season

    Well my squad was good but the transfer budget was not high as expected only getting 6.75 million to spend.
    I felt we needed cover for cb and CDM so I signed a player who could play both these positions. I edited the budgets and spent 9.75 million on Victor Wanyama from Celtic.( This was a high over the top fee but was needed and he is still young)

    German Super Cup
    Bayern Munich 4-1 Borussia Dortmund
    Mandzukic 2, Robben, Ribery

    A great start and was surprised to score 4 as the pre season results were so mixed I decided to go with 1 up top instead of 2. We took the lead early on (4th min) and never looked like losing after that and they grabbed a 90th min goal.

    After this game I thought the German league must be ours but only time will tell.

  3. August

    German Cup 1st Round
    Ulm 0-4 Bayern Munich
    Pizarro, Tobias Schweinsteiger, Muller 2

    A easy victory as predicted and great build up to the first league game. With 26 shots on goal 70% possession this victory was easy. Also good to see some fringe players.

    HSV 1-0 Bayern Munich
    Very disappointing as this is a big rival and really were dominated from start to finish. This has brought our lads back down to earth with a big bang. Also suggests to me that playing with 2 up front might not be the best for this team.

    2012-2013 Champions League Draw

    Group H Draw
    Bayern Munich
    Paris Saint-German
    Dynamo Kyiv

    Could have been worse so im pleased with the draw.

  4. September
    Bayern Munich 3-0 Frankfurt

    Ribery 2, Bastian Schweinsteiger

    A great victory and got our league form back where it should be, Ribery had a great game with 2 great pass and move goals.

    Nurnberg 1-1 Bayern Munich
    Our league form is a little bit off so this needs to improve.

    Champions League Group H
    Bayern Munich 2-0 Dynamo Kyiv
    Muller 2
    A easy victory on our way to the final (hopefully)

    Bayern Munich 2-1 Schalke
    Van Buyten, Ribery
    Great victory really should have been at least 4-1 but 3 point is all that matters.

    Bayern Munich 5-0 AugsBurg
    Badstubar,Muller,Alaba,Robben, Kroos
    Hopefully this game will kick off our season

    Hannover 1-1 Bayern Munich
    Just sums us up so far really played most of game with 10 men due to Muller being sent off, Also got an equaliser with 3 mins to go, so overall could prove a vital point.

    Overall been a decent month and hopefully will be a even better one next month.

    Ps please comment and how do you do screen shots again as i have forgot. Also in Feburary game so cant screen shot table until then.

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