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Atletico Madrid Story
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  1. Atletico Madrid Story

    Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid Story-170px-atletico_madrid_logo_svg.png

    Club Info

    Atletico Madrid Story-.-madrid_-information-general.png

    Despite being in debt almost up to twice the value of the club At Madrid are not afraid to splash the cash and after last season they sold of Aguero and Forlan and brought in the wonderful Falcao for a massive £35 million, it will be nice for once not having to pay that £52 million release clause to get him like i have on previous Man Utd and Barcelona saves.

    The main problem i will have with the finances despite both loans lasting til 2030 is that i only get half the revenue made from any transfers so a lot of the bigger deals including ones to sell Falcao really dont seem worth it, having looked at the squad i feel we can survive til January without anyone coming or going as i will then be able to see who the deadwood is.

    We are touted for 3rd place in the league and a good run in the Europa League and to do this i doubt i will need to strengthen or change the squad much i will have to mainly look towards free transfers, loans, youth players and bosmans to get any new players in.

    Key Players

    Atletico Madrid Story-falcao-story.jpgAtletico Madrid Story-imagesca5shr0q.jpgName:  imagesCA7ATFDY.jpg
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    Falcao is clearly the shining light of this team but we do have quality throughout including two young decent GK's, i will look to play Falcao up front on his own as a Poacher and have Arda Turan just behind him feeding him through balls and lastly striker Adrian will be turned into more of an AMR and hope to get in on the goals himself. In real life i know Diego Costa has also been playing well recently but his ratings by my Assitant dont look promising.

    Youth Players

    There are no stand out players in any of the 3 lower reserve teams but decent looking youngsters include AMC Oliver, DMC Koke who is more of a first team player already and striker Pedro who i will be looking to get some game time when Falcao needs a rest.


    Atletico Madrid Story-c.-atl-tico-madrid-sad_-tactics-overview.png

    The tactic is very simple and a tried and tested method on many saves including Wolves, Dnipro and Man Utd it is just a good tactic that seems to work for me, Falcao will be up front while Turan is in behind with Adrian and Rodriguez hammering balls across the box for Falcao to get on the end of.

    August Update Next . . .

  2. Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid Story-170px-atletico_madrid_logo_svg.png

    August 2012

    La Liga
    Deportivo 1 - 0 At Madrid
    ATT : 25,740

    Not what i had hoped for in the season opener! We really missed Adrian and Falcao who were nursing injuries after that stupid international break just before the league starts!

    La Liga
    At Madrid 2 - 1 Barcelona
    ATT : 54,745
    Gabi 15 Pedro 61

    A huge win after the poor start and we are still without Falcao and its his replacement youngster Pedro who grabs the most important goal of his young career, at this point we actually went 2-0 up so i took the striker off put on another CB and changed to a major defensive style for the last 30 mins where Messi instantly scored a 40 yard run mega goal but then we shut up shop and got the result.

    European Super Cup
    At Madrid 5 - 3 Chelsea
    Falcao 9 Emre 13 Adrian 51 Diego Costa 65 Cristian Rodriguez 95
    ATT : 18,751

    We beat the champions league winners in a massive back and forth game where we were up 2-0 before 15 mins had gone yet went into the break down 3-2 but with subs and a change in tempo we smashed in 2 goals quickly and Rodriguez made it official, i never thought we would be getting a Cup already!

    Atletico Madrid Story-monaco-soccer-uefa-super-cup-390x285.jpg

    Player of the Month

    Atletico Madrid Story-untitled.png

    Adrian is loving his AMR spot not only scoring a goal but setting up 2 more this month we have dealt well with Arda Turans absent as well through injury plus Raul Garcia is out for almost 4 months!

  3. gd luck..on my champions league challenge save..AT Madrid are no.1 in the world now and la liga for 7 years now has been shared with them and real

  4. Quote Originally Posted by White army View Post
    gd luck..on my champions league challenge save..AT Madrid are no.1 in the world now and la liga for 7 years now has been shared with them and real
    Thanks mate i think my squad is capable of quite a lot its just because of the huge debt i hope the club dont sell players without my control, i had some poor bids for Falcao including Chelsea offering £18 million over 48 months!

  5. Nice story, i'll certainly be following.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jordan Street View Post
    Nice story, i'll certainly be following.
    Thank You, should be pumping the updates out today as im already in January

  7. Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid Story-170px-atletico_madrid_logo_svg.png

    September 2012

    Europa League Draw


    La Liga
    At Madrid 1 - 0 Mallorca
    Arda Turan 47
    ATT : 42,237

    Nice win i would have liked to score a few more but with Falcao, Adrian and Raul Garcia currently missing a win is good enough for me!

    Europa League Group Stage
    Newcastle 0 - 1 At Madrid
    Miranda 14
    ATT : 44,291

    We should have thrashed them and we would have if we were at full strength im still yet to see the more than 45 minutes of Falcao! They played a complete youth team including Sammy Ameobi, Vuckic and Abeid so we should have put them to the sword!

    La Liga
    Zaragoza 1 - 3 At Madrid
    Arda Turan 2 Falcao 29 Koke 49
    ATT : 23,886

    With something that resembles my first team finally in a match we show what we are made of and beat Zaragoza without much hassle and Falcao makes a scoring return.

    La Liga
    Celta 1 - 3 At Madrid
    Arda Turan 30 Rodriguez 57 Filipe pen 70
    ATT : 25,093

    Another 3-1 victory and 3 away victories in a row is a brilliant retunr with Turan flourishing in his AMC role behind the main striker.

    La Liga
    At Madrid 4 - 1 Levante
    Arda Turan 5 Adrian 36 Falcao 56 Rodriguez 61
    ATT : 42,850

    Adrian has a scoring return along with Turan scoring his 4th goal in 5 games, all of the front 4 managed to score in this game, i know in real life Levante are a half decent team but i think they are not so good on here! Falcao scored from a miss timed backpass and Adrian literally walked the ball into the net.

    La Liga Table and Stats

    Atletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-overview-stagesseptember.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-teamseptember.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-playerseptember.png

    Top of the Table! I doubt that will last very long but its nice to have good early season form, Messi is already on fire though but Filipe who has 3 man of the matches is our penalty taking LB! I dont know what he does that makes him win MOM though!

    Player of the Month

    Atletico Madrid Story-arda.png

    4 goals in 5 games for Arda Turan but i think he might be playing better for me than he is in real life as all his pictures on google are him with his head in his hands!
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  8. Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid Story-170px-atletico_madrid_logo_svg.png

    October 2012

    Europa League Group Stage
    At Madrid 4 - 1 Dnipro
    Adrian 26 Miranda 39 Falcao 43 M.Suarez 86
    ATT : 36,388

    A comfortable victory as we look to qualify at the earliest point so players can rest in the latter stages of the groups, Adrian has really started to peform in his AMR position and even defender Miranda and defensive midfielder Suarez managed goals against Dnipro.

    La Liga
    At Bilbao 3 - 1 At Madrid
    Falcao 9
    ATT : 33,497

    A terrible result! Im sure KLIPPYBO will be pleased but i sure wasnt, Herrera had an amazing match and pulled the strings as none of our team found their feet despite going ahead early on from a Falcao goal.

    La Liga
    At Madrid 4 - 1 Real Betis
    Juanfran 51 Diego Costa 54 Diego Godin 71 Miranda 91
    ATT : 41,969

    A comfortable victory in the end despite going 1-0 down before half time, 3 subs on included Juanfran and Costa changed things around pretty quickly with the two CB's putting the sheen on the display.

    Europa League Group Stage
    AZ 1 - 2 At Madrid
    Gabi 36 Diego Costa 82
    ATT : 17,000

    Twice in a row Diego Costa came on for the underperforming Falcao and twice in a row he has banged in the important goal, this one being an amazing header from almost outside the area!

    La Liga
    Osasuna 1 - 2 At Madrid
    Arda Turan 50 Falcao 54
    ATT : 18,145

    We dont half underperform in the first half of matches in this game instead of bringing on subs i gave the players a rollicking and it seemed to work as we score 2 goals in 4 minutes to turn the game around and gain another victory in the league.

    Spanish Cup 4th Rnd 1st leg
    Albacente 2 - 1 At Madrid
    Oliver 19
    ATT : 14,481

    A young side showed we dont have the youth teams like the other big two sides in spain with AMC Oliver scoring early on i thought we had enough to beat them but they pulled 2 back in the second half, looks like the first team will have some work to do in the second leg.

    La Liga Table and Stats

    Atletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-overview-stages-2october.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-team-2october.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-player-2october.png

    Still top of the league but Barcelona and Real have kept pace with us but top 3 is surely ours even at this early stage, our home form has been outstanding in the league but none of our players are near the tops of the player charts but maybe that shows that my team dont rely on anyone which is good as i thought we would rely heavily on Falcao.

    Player of the Month

    Atletico Madrid Story-diego.jpg

    Super Sub Diego Costa has been outstanding when he has come on either as a Striker or AMC and has 2 goals and 2 assits this month despite not starting a match.
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  9. Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid Story-170px-atletico_madrid_logo_svg.png

    November 2012

    La Liga
    At Madrid 2 - 0 Valladolid
    Falcao 18 Miranda 74
    ATT : 41,294

    A good victory victory with our goalscoring CB Miranda getting in on the action again and Falcao starting to find his feet a bit.

    Europa League Group Stage
    At Madrid 3 - 3 AZ
    Gabi 40 Juanfran 49, 78
    ATT : 36,557

    A bad result but considering we were 3-1 down at half time we cant be too sad with the outcome, reservive winger Juanfran will be getting some game time as Adrian is out for a while

    La Liga
    Espanyol 2 - 3 At Madrid
    Arda Turan 3 Rodriguez 16 Falcao 21
    ATT : 37,821

    You could say we were up 3-0 to early as it seemed that my side then switched off and we had the rest of the game with them hammering our goal area with shots and they managed to grab 2 back for a nervy last 15 minutes but we held on.

    La Liga
    At Madrid 0 - 1 Malaga
    Miranda sent off 12 Filipe injured 23
    ATT : 41,599

    A poor result but Malaga are right up there with us at the moment so i knew it would be hard when Miranda got sent off for violent conduct early on then star LB Filipe goes and gets injured and all this befor half an hour is on the clock, they wore us down and smashed a goal in late on.

    Europa League Group Stage
    At Madrid 2 - 1 Newcastle
    Diaz 6 Rodriguez pen 82
    ATT : 38,252

    Not a bad way for reserve CB to introduce himself! He was only starting his first game because of Mirandas straight red in the previous game and thanks to the late penalty we have already qualified with 2 games to spare.

    La Liga
    Real Sociedad 4 - 3 At Madrid
    Falcao 2 Diaz 31 Rodriguez 93 Diaz sent off 32
    ATT : 28,359

    It was all going so well until Diaz got sent off literally seconds after scoring a goal and they really put us to the sword with Rodriguez's goal at least keeping the scoreline respectable.

    Spanish Cup 4th rnd 2nd leg
    At Madrid 3 - 1 Albacente
    Arda Turan 6 Koke 55 Diego Costa 77
    ATT : 51,542

    I had to draft in some of the first team so i could be assured of the result and after a tough month some of the players are starting to get back into the team after major injury problems in midfield included Turan, Raul Garcia, Diego Costa and Adrian.

    La Liga Table and Stats

    Atletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-overview-stages-3november.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-team-3november.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-player-3-november.png

    All the way down to 4th in the table after a bad month were Barcelona dont drop a point even our recent conquerers Malaga have hopped above us! As you can see its our away form that has not helped as we have tumbled down the away form charts.

  10. Atletico Madrid

    Atletico Madrid Story-170px-atletico_madrid_logo_svg.png

    December 2012

    La Liga
    At Madrid 3 - 0 Rayo
    Rodriguez 1 Miranda pen 12 Falcao 73

    A comfortable victory to start the month with Rodriguez really hitting some good form just at the right time and CB Miranda gets another goal to add to his growing tally.

    Europa League Group Stage
    Dnipro 1 - 2 At Madrid
    Koke 18 Gabi 75

    A semi reserve team dominated Dnipro at their place with our 2 midfield enforcers banging in long range efforts to secure the victory with Gabi our captain sealing the win late on.

    La Liga
    At Madrid 1 - 1 Valencia
    Emre 10

    A very late goal from Soldado denied us the victory as Emre scored early on, we didnt really deserve the victory i guess as we were always weary of the equalizer and never really looked to push forward.

    Spanish Cup 5th rnd 1st leg
    At Madrid 2 - 0 Zaragoza
    Juanfran 2 Rodriguez 5

    Rodriguez continues his good recent form and make shift RB Juanfran even managed to grab a goal, after going 2 up in 5 minutes i thought a demolition was on the cards but it wasnt to be as Zaragoza shut up shop.

    La Liga
    Getafe 0 - 1 At Madrid
    Falcao 57

    A solo effort from Falcao who has been a bit of a forgotten man recently i was expecting especially with this tactic almost a goal a game up with Messi and Ronaldo but he isnt really at that standard that i had hoped.

    Spanish Cup 5th rnd 2nd leg
    Zaragoza 0 - 1 At Madrid
    Falcao 70

    a good victory as Falcao comes off the bench to make qualifying for the next round official with a powerful header from 12 yards out.

    La Liga
    At Madrid 3 - 0 Granada
    Falcao 60 Arda Turan 66 Gabi 90

    After that little speech about Falcao not being as good as i hoped he has scored 3 goals in 3 games and even Arda Turan managed to grab a goal after some recent injury problems.

    La Liga Table and Stats

    Atletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-overview-stages-4december.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-team-4.pngAtletico Madrid Story-liga-bbva_-stats-player-4.png

    We are still managing to keep pace with the big two only 5 points off Barcelona on top spot who in the next few weeks face us and Real, our form has not been brilliant in the league at the moment but we have been playing a lot of cup games recently and after his recent goals against Getafe and Granada Falcao is now in the top 4 goalscorers in the league finally . .

    Europa League Group Stage

    Atletico Madrid Story-euro-cup_-overview-stages.png

    We qualify comfortable without any real problems bar the draw against AZ who come second 7 points behind us.

    Player of the Month

    Atletico Madrid Story-falcao-story.jpg

    4 goals in 5 games and maybe Falcao has finally come good in my At Madrid career after a stuttering start

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