FM 13 Lan?

  1. FM 13 Lan?

    Is this feature available on the beta or not? If not, is there a workaround? Me and a friend have just purchased beta and we're trying to figure it out.

    Let me know!


  2. Nope. Network games are not available until the full release

  3. Quote Originally Posted by iamauser View Post
    Nope. Network games are not available until the full release
    Thanks for the reply.

    That sucks

    any way of getting around this? Playing via LAN was exactly the same as playing single player on 12, except you both had to click continue. So it seems like it wouldn't be hard to do.
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  4. Not until full release.

  5. PC and MC

    Is it possible to play in LAN with 2 different computers? My friend have MC, and I have PC. Can we play the same game in LAN?

  6. Of course !

  7. LAN Speed

    Does somebody know about the LAN speed in the new game using 2 different computers. In the later versions the computer not hosting the game has quite a bit delay. Has this been improved in FM 2013 ??

  8. Does anyone know if we can play a normal local lan on fm 13? do you really have to connect to steam to play locally?

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