View Poll Results: how would you like to commence your management venture

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  • unemployed sunday league footballer

    8 18.60%
  • team outside the top division e.g npower lague 1

    12 27.91%
  • team predicted to finish 10th or lower in premier league

    10 23.26%
  • top european competition qualified club

    13 30.23%
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We want you!!! Are you up for the challenge!?! Fm 2013 Network revolution

  1. We want you!!! Are you up for the challenge!?! Fm 2013 Network revolution

    We want you!!! Are you up for the challenge!?! Fm 2013 Network revolution-005.jpg
    I will begin by introducing myself, my name is Robert Lewis A.K.A Robmkdon. I am 23 years old and I am located in a little town in Bedfordshire. I am a massive football fan and I support MK dons! During the succesfull Football management sim era I have been playing since championship manager 98 and one of my fondest memories is discovering a young kim kallstrom and realising every time i purchased him for pittence his value would immediately sky rocket on arrival I first delved into network gaming way back in i believe fm 2008 or 2009 and really caught the bug from fm2012 onwards so here I am now presenting to you the challenge of embarking on a long succesful era in fm 2013 network gaming with me and hopefully a handful of other like minded, similar experienced gamers!!!
    I will go on to lay out the foundations, the values i believe in and the general rules i adhere to and expect from you, so if you are on my wavelength after reading then feel free to stake your claim

    1. you must be dedicated and commited
    2. wealth of experience in the game a must to ensure game runs smoothly
    3. hard to monitor but really i would expect you to always use your own created tactic and not one that is the product of someone elses own hard work
    4. no poaching other gamers staff (just keeps morale higher)
    5. stable high speed internet connection a must
    6. the times the game will run from will be specified in advance so if you feel you cant regularly make the session then this particular net game is not for you
    7. maintain concentration throughought gaming sessions as slowing down the flow of the game regularly through lack of focus irritates the group and ends up with poor morale and destroys game
    8. on a lightr note lets have some friendly banter
    9. be pleasent to other users
    10. most importantly no BITCHING
    Game details
    English, French, German, Italian, Scottish and Spanish leagues loaded and that leavs my computer running at 4 star speed performance no problem with large database!
    I am hoping i will find a group of people that will either want to start as sunday footballer unemployed or a lower league team, predicted lower 10 prem predicted finish position or a top european qualified club .... taking the poll which will end thursday by which time i will then state the result and the path we will take as i would like all users on similar par battling it out! take the poll

    Game opening press conference meet and greet: Friday 2nd November 6pm
    Game start date: Sunday 4th November
    game scheduled times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6pm till 8pm - 9pm till late
    friday press conference at 6pm to discuss weekend schedule as peoples lives vary so times will always be agreed on a Friday

    Closing statement
    by commencing the game sunday that should allow players some previous time to get comfortable with the full released game. Btw geezers i am a lad, it may not seem it from my thread but im laid back, love a wee bit of banter and am a pretty nice guy

    so if you feel this network game is for you answer the poll, drop a comment with your name, steam name, age, location in the U.K, football club supported and a wee bit about your previous football manager related experience network and single player. Look forward to hearing from some propper geezers and getting a good group together for a long commited, dedicated fm 2013 network experience

  2. eewwww french league? really?

    i'm up for it.

    [email protected] is my steamid. played championship manager and football manager for past 2 years extensively, although single player. im online all the time.3
    would you rather wait for retail to come out in a week with bugs ironed out though?
    Last edited by Rapyer; 25/10/2012 at 12:57 AM.

  3. thats a great point you have made there rapyer, we will still hold a team meeting on the friday of full release at 6pm and i will keep an eye out for miles announcements regarding bugs being fixed and that will determine the start date. Likewise i am online regularly. are you commited to start ny other network game at this point as i will only be focused on this one and would recommend that anyone involved minimised commitments to other games? thank you for replying i will add you on steam and keep you posted with updates. p.s i load the french league more for future purposes increasing the depth of available players regenerated etc i tend not to commit to playing in the french league but like to have the major 5 european leagues and the 2 major british regional leagues aswell as the english league going right through to blue square n/s keeps it intresting seeing whos progressing through the leagues imo

  4. yep, can start now, lol

    just finished watching all champions league matches that i wanted to watch from last night

    eredivisie would be a higher quality imho than the french league. or you can have both!~

  5. Im getting the game, this will be my first time online though as no-one uses the oyhers i havrle

    Anyway, I'd like to give this a.go, I live in Australia though, is that a problem?

  6. Hi! I`m from Russia, it`s problem?)) Time is good for me. I would like play in Rissian or Ukraine champ, but if only top-5 - I in game.
    I have big experience network game.
    My Steam: bsanchezb
    My Skype: bsanchezb1

  7. wynters i would like to have you on board however with the time zone problem it seems problematic sorry lad. sanchez ive just checked the time zone difference related to bst and i believe russia are 4 hours ahead of the uk, the trouble being weeknights usually go on untill a minimum of 11pm british time possibly later depending on other managers and at weekends ive had previous games regularly go on untill 3 am which in relation to you would mean you would be online right through till 7am? i would like to hear your p.o.v as you seem like a good chap and being british it is amazing to think the network game could reach out and be talked about in russia and australia. p.s great addition that you have skype myself i was thinking about getting it

  8. game scheduled times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 6pm till 8pm - 9pm till late
    I can play to this time Russian time: 9pm till 12pm. I not sleep in this time yet

  9. I am definitely interested in joining this. Have been playing FM and CM since the mid 90's and love creating my own tactics based on which team I take the helm of.

    I'm a massive Tottenham fan and go to most home matches and a few away games each season.

    The only problem I could have is I work night shift (10pm-6am) so I just wanted to clarify the times you play from... 6pm til 8pm.. an hours break and then back on at 9pm til late? If that is the case, then I am gutted, lol.

    Steam ID: glenelg1987

  10. Defo Interested.

    Played Championship Manager from 01 thru 04 then been playing FM05 onwards.
    Not played much network games but once or twice.
    100 % use my own tactics, formation etc. not a fan of copying other players ideas like to try everything myself!
    One of my fondest moments was either in 05 or 07 and getting Jo from CSKA who used to play for Man City, he was a wonderkid and was absolutely amazing! It makes you follow things in real life lol! Gutted it didnt work out for him

    Big Man Utd fan (Dont hate!)

    Steam ID: DannyB10u

    Prefer to start in lower leagues / lower 10 prem teams for this type of game m8 but not bothered if something else is preferred.
    I'm also pretty laid back

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