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Network gaming, need help

  1. Network gaming, need help

    Can someone please post a "step-by-step" guide on how to run an online game? Been trying to start one with some mates but we are stuck on the "join online" menu and we have rotated who to host, same problem. Anyone who can help, would be much appreciated.

  2. Arsenal Rotation
    1) Uninstall Hamachi as this may cause conflict with the Steam network games.

    2) The host hosting the game should try having a unique "Server Name" so that their friends can find it by searching for the Server Name.

    3) Try changing Download Region in Steam -> Settings -> Downloads + Cloud -> Change Region.

    4) If there are still issues with connecting, try reinstalling the network card driver, as directed by this link:

    Windows 7 - Reinstall Network Adapter - Charter Communications

    5) Still no luck, try the following from Steam's knowledgebase:

  3. Thanks a lot, hamachi was my problem
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by kuliet View Post
    Thanks a lot, hamachi was my problem
    just use steam

  5. Arsenal Rotation
    Quote Originally Posted by madridboy1986 View Post
    just use steam
    That's a great answer.. the game only runs through Steam.
    The big problem is that Hamachi is diverting the connection, and either needs to be disabled or (better yet) uninstalled.

    Another notable thing is that all people using the same network must be using the same download region.

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