Welsh League, Committed Players!

  1. Welsh League, Committed Players!

    Clan Name: Welsh Premier League 2013
    Game: FM13
    Times: 8pm onwards GMT weekdays, 5pm onwards GMT Weekends

    Leagues: South Africa,Mexico, USA, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Wales, Argentina, Brazil

    Additional Info: looking for up to 7 committed players to join 2 already signed up to play in the welsh premier league. Clubs in Europe are not available 1st season

    Steam Group: Steam Community :: Group :: Welsh Premier League 2013

    Send a message via the steam group to Spawn Camping Newbie.

    The game will be hosted from England.
    Me and my mate have been playing FM for over two years, we play pretty much every day. It's rarely we decide not to play for a day. We want committed players who want to play daily and want to have a bit of a challenge. It's no fun to be Barcelona in Europe or Celtic in Scotland. Being all the same league together allows us to have more fun then beating the easy AI's over and over. being in a weaker league rather then the top league also means that we aren't bidding 400k per week over the same wonderkids.

    To join the league, just join the steam group above then send me a message via steam (I'm Spawn camping newbie) when I'm online or post in the discussions on that steam group page what team you want, what days you can 100% for sure make it and where you live.

  2. Avaliable teams:
    Adan Lido
    Connah's Quay
    Port Talbot

  3. Hello.I am planning to start a network game but with only 1 more person as there have been too many problems with more network players in the past. We can play in any league..i will prefer english..and we can start from the lowest league..I want someone who is free most evenings..and is in european zone..And who likes to play only FM in his free time..And i plan to play this game not just for 2-3 seasons like they do in most networks..but indefinitely!! You should be a veteran FM player and not a quitter to join..and someone who likes the challenge of taking a small club and making it world's best!!

    If you think you are it then join my network: bestoffm Password: 1234

  4. Are you just spamming in other peoples threads?

    By the looks of things it's a bot.

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