Online game - Premiership only

  1. Online game - Premiership only

    Add me on Steam: georgesheldon13.
    server name: georgesheldon13PREM
    password: premierleague
    Can be any of the 20 Premier League teams, any experience etc.

  2. Don't try this. My FM crashed when I tried to set it up.

  3. Arsenal Rotation
    Even though you stated not to try it, for future reference include the following:

    - Days of game
    - Hours
    - Networking options you are using
    - Maximum number of people

  4. Okay, thank you!

  5. Hi George...i just added you as friend...but are we going to play?
    If so I would like to have Liverpool....
    Cheers Leonard
    Steam: Perelli516

  6. ive added you - johnmalcolm20 ill have everton if available please

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