FM 13 Network Game
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  1. FM 13 Network Game

    looking to start a network game just now if anyone is interested in playing looking for 4 or 5 people. i havent decided what what league yet would like to discuss with the players before decided so if anyone is interested i can play most nights and can stay up late so add me

    u need hamachi

    FM13 Zone
    pass 1234

  2. Im interested!
    Whats hamachi....???

    Leonard Perelli
    Steam: Perelli516

  3. its a program for playing online games mate. u can download it from this

  4. Thank you very much mate....really wanna play but I think its too early cause I read only bug problems everywhere...

  5. ok mate dont mind trying if u want really want to play aswell

  6. i just installed hamachi...

  7. Arsenal, Crystal Palace & Bromley Rotation
    FM13 does not work with Hamachi. It runs through Steam, and Hamachi interferes with that.

    Do not install Hamachi, otherwise you will not connect.

  8. i will play

  9. did u try it mate

  10. yeh it runs on steam now not himachi! but im in if your playing via steam ( which you will need to)

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