UK Non-League Network Game

  1. UK Non-League Network Game

    I am looking to get 3/4 people together to play a Network Game as Non-League sides. I am hoping that we only have Blue Square South or North fans as I am a huge fan of Salisbury City.

    Basically I am looking for :-

    People who are flexible with timings as I will only play with 75% of people there. I won't have 2 people or more missing.
    People who enjoy the game and don't rage quit and are happy to go into it.

    Add evatt38 on steam if you're interested!

  2. Sounds good m8 but theres a bug atm in buying players so might want to join once it has been resolved

  3. add me on steam: Nijode999

  4. Yeah, okay I'll start this up when they've sorted the bug.

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