Football Manager Online Game

  1. Football Manager Online Game

    Hello Guys,
    I want to start a new game, looking for a group of 4-5 players. When people have decide to join then we will decide on the league and type of teams.

    Ideally everyone would be from the UK to get no excuses for connection, also it is important for commitment from everyone. We will come up with a regular schedule to suit everyones needs.

    If you want to join comment on this post or pm asap. Alson add me on steam under the name reedy92 or AledReed.

    I will check back in the morning and hope to set the game up tomorrow

  2. am intrested in joining,

  3. i interested join,

  4. im interested but need to know times as i can only play from bout 8pm onwards due to work ( i normally play till bout 1-2 am)

  5. Geezar10
    Preson North End Reserve
    i am interested as almost all the games on there are EPL

  6. I'm up for this!

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