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trouble when running network game

  1. trouble when running network game

    i'm hosting a network game in fm2013 and i have a friend who has joined it as a client. he's having major issues with the gameplay itself whilst connected. issues so far:

    inbox shows 1700 messages since last continue, all of them are press conf invitations;

    repeatedly having to do the same press conferences;

    screen filled with pound signs after one transfer offer.

    my friend had to quit the game eventually as it was unplayable. hamachi is disabled and we had no issues with previous FM networks games on older FM titles. any ideas? it seems to me that it must be bugs in the FM software, i cant think of anything else that would explain these issues.

  2. there has been countless bugs with the online mode. a fix has been rolled out today so your fm should update on steam and sort out the problems. good luck.

  3. heres hoping, developers have got to stop releasing games way before they're ready...
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