New Host Game - Alienware M15X - High Quality & Dedicated Connection
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  1. New Host Game - Alienware M15X - High Quality & Dedicated Connection

    Hi chaps,

    I'll be starting a new server today. Anyone is free to join and there will be very few restrictions on conduct.

    Server Name - The Smith Championship
    User Name - The Machine

    Add me on Steam for invite. Tag = The Machine

    I'll be hosting on an Alienware M15X with high quality broadband. For perspective, I can run the following with 5 stars for game speed;

    England, Germany, Italy, Spain - Playable

    Argentina, Brazil, Holland, France, Portugal, Russia - Background

    The only rules I'll implement are as follows;
    • No matches moved for television (saves time)
    • Matches on Wed & Sat only (saves time)
    • More processing and less intervals (smoother game)
    • No editor changes (obviously)
    • Minimum match settings of key highlights or less
    • Match speed at 75% or faster
    • No replays
    I'd also like to mention that signing other users staff will be banned. It's a pain in the arse signing staff every few weeks and slows the game down for everyone.

    Also there will be no poaching of other managers young regens. If you want to do a deal with another manager, discuss it with them.

    That's pretty much it. Having ran a few of these games in previous versions these settings have proved essential. No one wants to go 45 minutes between league games.
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  2. Hiya mate I am interested, what is your Steam name please.

    If it is easier to add me then my Steam name is Boydy1984 or it might come up as boydy122
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  3. Sounds perfect, what division you thinking, would love a long term game starting in the championship or something. add me on steam ThePav1985

  4. Pav remember me mate lol, I have added you so we can do a game if you want.

  5. Ok, game has started. Anyone looking to join we're beginning the Championship.

    Huddersfield, Wolves & Palace taken. Ask for password.

  6. Can I join in? What's the password?

  7. I'd like to play, please pm pass

  8. The Smith Championship
    pass = championship

    Huddersfield, Wolves & Palace taken.
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  9. Hiya i would like to play, i will add you on steam my steam is Pigeon King

  10. Geezar10
    Preson North End Reserve
    I'll join this if it is alright

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