new fm13 net game in EPL

  1. new fm13 net game in EPL

    hi im looking to start a network game in the EPL excluding the top 3 (man u, man city, chelsea), i play the long team game i buy young and develop my team....

    so NOT intrested in players who if they not winning from day 1 n arnt top of league after 10 games quit

    add me on steam:- kcsexywear n we can start a game

  2. I have added you mate so we can sort out a proper long term game.

  3. I am so in, I love committed people who look for long term gaming!! I'll add you on steam ^_^

  4. ive added you! Hope I'm not too late aha!

  5. i have added you on steam. isanosousuke is my steam ID

  6. Gunna have a go at this i'll add you on steam

  7. yeah i will play also here,my addy is steff318 if anyone wants to play.

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