Online game 20 manager game for all premieship teams
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  1. Online game 20 manager game for all premieship teams

    Hi guys

    Want to host a online game in the premiership and get the full league taken with managers.

    The 2 teams already taken are Newcastle and Spurs.

    Leave your steam id and the team you would like and then the next step is to pick times in which to play for the majority.


    All games will be played at only commentary and at full speed.
    All managers must put their assistant manager on friendlies.

    Apart from these 2 rules you are free to do anything else

    Thank You and hope you enjoy!!!
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  2. Steam ID: charliewestover, i would like to be Arsenal if they're still available?

  3. steam ID: steff318,any chance of being manchester united m8? can play anytimes after 7pm.

  4. steam ID: harriers05

    I'll be Everton if i can please

  5. Steam ID : kev_212


  6. steam id : danbrown9 i be man city

  7. is this happening?

  8. steam id : noah7196 i be qpr

  9. Steam ID: Northy239 I'd like to be Liverpool and would be good for any time after 7pm in the evenings. Sundays would also be good.

  10. My steam ID is heartsfanno1 and I would like to go Newcastle

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