Online Premier League Game

  1. Online Premier League Game

    This will start up 21/11 @ 1800 (cet +1)

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, United & City can´t be choosed. (unless more than 15 ppl participate)

    Msg me with steam id and ill add you to the group, where we discuss teams etc around 1730

  2. Steam ID: ShoGooneR

    I'm interested

    If there are more than 15 I call dibs on Arsenal
    Last edited by ShoGooneR; 21/11/2012 at 08:44 AM.

  3. markfalcao im interested

  4. Steam ID: Electric Scarecrow
    Ill be Everton

  5. steam ID:mssl301
    Manchester united

  6. Steam ID: Kev_212


  7. For the record, read topic, some teams cant be choose unless certain numbers of managers. And team, will be picked around 1730, and those who are first @ that time, gets to pick first. Since we are proberly a few ppl who wants the same team

  8. ID : naim5711

  9. ID: xCACAx

  10. ID: Greeeegoooor
    West Brom

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