Network Game Dramas!

  1. Network Game Dramas!

    Copy and Pasted from the official SI forums to try and get this issue out to a wider audience, in the hopes that someone out there has stumbled on a solution that they're willing to share!

    Just a quick one, I thought I'd add my two pennies worth to the sea of Network Game Issues.

    After a prolonged campaign of trying to get my friend to buy FM13 so we could play hassle free Network Games together (lol, that didn't work out so well), he finally caved in and got the game this evening. He is now completely unable to join any Network Games whatsoever, despite us trying every posisble troubleshooting step we could find.

    His issue is that he loads the game, Chooses "Join Online Game", selects a server and lets the client load / connect. It appears that he is connected, as the total connections goes up by one, but after he "Adds a New Manager" and chooses a team to manage, his game client doesn't progress past that screen and the hosts game doesn't appear to ever register that he has joined.
    We have tried various different setups to see if he can get any connectivity (He can't join my game properly when I am the host. He also can't join a random third party game, he gets the same issues mentioned above, even though I am able to connect properly to the same exact game.)

    When he is the host, I try to connect to his game. I find his game in the server list, connect to the game. The game loads the database and then stops and leaves me looking at the server list screen again.

    We've tried everything we could think of. Both of us have deleted / reinstalled the game a number of times. We've both used port forwarding as described in some of the other threads and we've even installed both of our firewalls for a short period of time, but it's all been to no avail thus far. Anyone know of any obvious, or quirky solutions that we can give a go to try and finally get a network game running?


    - Zambo

  2. We've found the problem.
    My mate had a picture loaded on his manager profile. He removed the picture and now we're happily playing together!

    Hope that helps anyone else out with the same issue!

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