Asking for help :( Problems with online game (2 players)

  1. Asking for help :( Problems with online game (2 players)

    Ok i start the online game with my friend and if i am host my game works perfectly , but freind's game is so slow like he needs 30 second or more for every command he does and when we start match match i finish my match and he is still on begging match doing team talks.
    We also tried for him being the host but then the same problems are applyed to me.

    Any suggestions? please (btw our pc's are strong so that shouldnt be a problem, my quess is upload is a problem)

    Thank you for your time.

  2. no matter what, its going to be slower than usual for the joining player, but you can limit this by reducing database size and how many leagues you run, blandwidth also has alot to do with it, its not what your download speed is its what your upload speed is to make it less slow for the joining player.

  3. ok thx , but what can i do to make it better besides database size?

  4. just tone it down a bit with how many leagues you run etc compared to your solo game, depends the division yous want to play in, also try disabling everything in preference which you dont see essential to core gameplay, like generated pictures etc, every little thing will help make your game more playable online.

  5. one more thing if its still unplayable for the joining player, when game is loaded go to task manager and try change the fm.exe priority to real time or high, this will direct all resources to the game(this only applies to the joining player not host)

    if its still unplayabe after that the only thing you can do is upgrade your internet speed so you have better upload speed.

  6. thank you , you were most helpfull

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