Anybody fancy doing a Dutch Eredivisie League?

  1. Anybody fancy doing a Dutch Eredivisie League?

    Looking for a few folk to join me in a Dutch League save,play mostly at nights.Not had much luck lately in getting saves up and running so hopefully get a few commited players to play.

    If anyone fancies joining add me on steam steff318

    Talk soon guys!!!

  2. Could you keep in touch via text??

  3. If you could drop me a text would be great I will more than likely be on FM at 21:00


  4. nah sorry no texts lol,will be on steam anyway m8,more than welcome

  5. add me mcryan123

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mcryan123 View Post
    add me mcryan123

  7. you on tonight mate

  8. I'm up for a game. Never really played a network game but sounds like a laugh.

    I'm on nearly every night so easy to commit to this.

    Add me on steam if ya want boothy24.

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