A successful online game is starting to run slow during matches
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  1. A successful online game is starting to run slow during matches

    I started an online game with two other serious football manager players the day after the game was released. It is now season nine and the matches have started to run really slow (since the new update a few days ago)

    Has anyone else had this problem, if so how can i maybe speed things up like they once were?

    Thanks for any replies

    There might be a new game starting if i can not solve this problem

  2. Your all useless!!!!

  3. Yeah we have a network game on the go aswell with 5-7 players in season 7 and the speed has died since the 13.2 patch. Are SI aware of all the issues with network mode? Because there are lots of bugs and this latest mess up is just too much. Who if anyone tests network mode...13.2.1 patch needed already!!!

  4. Sorry to hear you have the same problem but im glad its not just my current game. Its making the game no fun to play and causing stress and i imagine its the same for you and your fellow gamers. I hope Si games are aware of this as its a total game wrecker! Any other people with similar problems please post, thanks.

  5. We're experiencing the exact same problems!! The host isn't lagging, but all other players are suffering from hanging and massive lag during matches and within the menus... Ruined what was a decent game!!! We've tried all logical fixes, but this is patch related - it must be!!! Steam updated at around the same time as FM too for me, was that the same for anyone else? Would be handy to know, so as to eliminate the recent steam update as a potential cause!

  6. Its an absolute joke isnt it! I imagine your game was fun and fast before the recent updates. Im gutted about it. from going from daily long sessions ive gone to no play at all. This is a massive put off for me and the enjoyment has deteriorated. I feel it must be the update as all other reasons have been tested

  7. Same problem here

    Me and two friends of mine are playing since the release of FM 2013 an online game . We have an even odder problem: after 4-5 matches played online, for the other 2 which are not the server keeper, the speed of the game during matches became extremely low...For example, 1 min in match time -from min 58 to min 59 , lets say, outside highlights of course - is gone in 10 real time secs....EA really broke the multiplayer of this game...

  8. Does anyone have this problem? Or are your online game working as fast as they always have?

  9. having the same issue.
    my NG im in i have always been 1-3mins slower than the host but now that 1-3mins has turned into around 25mins to complete a match with it set to KEY.
    really disrupted what was a very good NG game 6 seasons in.

  10. SORT IT OUT SI GAMES !!!!! Don't they test online play before they confirm an update????? RETARDS

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