Hello, we have a network mode, that has 8 players. Basically, we play most nights from 7:30 to 11 and communicate through Skype (not headphones and video, just text). New players start in the lowest league which is the championship and we play in England with no International management, Spain is now also open. We keep as fast a speed as possible during the season often holidaying from match to match. We slow down in pre season and january to get deals and stuff done. You would need to be hardcore and play as much as possible and have a decent internet you may know network mode can be slow if you have poor internet. We are currently in season 2025 and a season takes 1 week to give you an idea of the pace.

    If interested please add: skeletorxxx on skype and chat to me any night after 6:30 and I can tell you more and maybe get you in the game.

    We are all 25+ so we are looking for more guys like us to join...
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  2. id be intrested in joining...shamethedevil79 << add me on steam. cheers .. over 30 and hardcore.

  3. you need to add: skeletorxxx on Skype, we don't use steam to communicate!

  4. Still recruiting, 2023 season add:
    Skeletorxxx on skype

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