Network Games issues

  1. Network Games issues

    Hello there, yesterday i tried running an online game.
    everytime i came too match day, the game almost quit moving foward, i believe one match took 20 minutes.

    My specs are okay, even tho i'm playing on the Imac, i have 5* for running 3d and i usally do it without a problem.
    I've tried everything, i checked everything about this mac if the specs where good enough and they where.
    I changed the Region, I set ingame setting to its lowest.
    I have fiberspeed internet connection.

    when i'm running steam and Fm ( together ) everything goes into ''panic mode''
    everything takes 2x too load
    but it's just those two, because if i wanna browse i can, i could even open amnesia for the heck of it and play that game while match day is going on..

    Please help me, this is getting very frustrated
    I just wanna play online
    tyvm for your time.

  2. It's doing the same for me and we were in a game for 8 seasons and it basically sprung on my friend emailed SI and they replied saying they are aware of a problem and are working to fix it seems we'll have to wait it out


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