Scottish Premier League game with me anybody?

  1. Scottish Premier League game with me anybody?

    Im thinking of starting up a SPL save if i can get enough people to make it decent enough.Not the most brightest of leagues but somewhat more challenging.

    We can go any team with the exception of Celtic for obvious reaasons of course.

    Let me know your steam id if your interested but commited players only though im fed-up with timewasters!!!!

  2. Im up for that man if your on dont suppose 3rd division rangers is an option lol

  3. lets see how many people we can get..

  4. i am up for it,wont be able to play till after 6 tonight though

  5. Yeah I'd be up for it

  6. @jamesyboyhail,yeah wouldnt be starting until 7-730 anyways give me ur steam addy il add you
    @charlie93 if you could give give me your addy as well that would be great.

    **also this will be a game played mostly at nights**

  7. charliee93

  8. I'm up for that, can play evenings. My steam is SvElite1

  9. any chance of joining a few days late?

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