The Official 2013 Barclaycard Premier League!

  1. The Official 2013 Barclaycard Premier League!

    The Official 2013 Barclaycard Premier League!

    Looking for a Long term, Competitive and Fun Football Manager 2013 game..? Take this shot!

    I'm looking for serious and committed players who want to play for 3 seasons+!
    Who are able to play 3-4 Nights a week, for a stretch of 2 to 5 Hours.
    Players must be over 16 for mature reasons.

    There will be 6 Places Available, Including Myself.

    Both Manchester Clubs Will be banned due to the sheer level of class difference.

    Teams Available:

    Chelsea - Available

    Arsenal - Ash #
    Tottenham -Available
    Liverpool - Available
    Newcastle - Available
    - Available
    QPR - Available

    I Stress this is only for Committed Players. Do not Join If you do not want to play, Leave your name and team you wish to be like this:

    EG: Liverpool - John

    for more details, Message me!

  2. tottenham - Carl

  3. chelsea-steff

  4. liverpool - Flavio

  5. Newcastle-Cal

  6. everton-bezzy

  7. Get on here tonight at 7pm GMT ! Well start. Game is Locked out for you guys.

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