Championship / League 1 game !

  1. Championship / League 1 game !

    Already got 3 guys for definate going to be playing this

    the idea is gonna be a couple of guys battling it out as teams media predicted 18th or below in the championship and the others any team in league 1

    I have 3 hardscore fm players who are very dedicated that i have played with over the fm 11/12

    looking to add 3 more ..

    The Rules and Times

    we play everyday mostly as long as there is enough on say 3/4s of the fileforce are on

    we dont bid or steal each others players/staff all players must be greeted and asked before a bid on players is made between human managers

    no transfer clauses are allowed only percent of next fee - monthly usage ( but not overdoing it )

    Had to many games in the past wwere people bid 0 , and pay 3 mill after 20 games bla bla so on so fourth it ruins he game because its so unrealistic

    i will be the host and my steam account is seanbee01 , but post on here first


    im looking for people who play online regular who can play fast and to a timer and do not cause trouble friendly banter is always good attitude and shit stirring is not welcome

  2. this game is going to start in under an hour and it will last many many seasons we are long term players no short games no restarts fully commited to this , if your keen on it drop your name and online experience and wich team you would like

  3. this is the last time i bump this

    maybe have everyone in the same league the others are in group chat discussing lets get on board - need 2-3

    this will be an epic challenge to see wich of us can take our shitty team to the top !

  4. ive just messaged you add me on steam lukedavies10

  5. Just wanted to say this game is now successfully up and running with 5 top players we may look to add to the numbers next season if anyone is interested just leave a message !

  6. BEWARE !!! You do anything that seanbee cant do in the game and he will start to accuse you of cheating. Whatever you do dont bid on anyone he wants or he will quit. I played 9 seasons with him and it was excuse after excuse. I started up again ( very silly of me) and surprise surprise he quit again. All though a good fm player the paranoid ways will spoil your game, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!

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