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Fm13 Possession tactic discussion thread by Raikan007

  1. Fm13 Possession tactic discussion thread by Raikan007

    Welcome to Fm-base and Fm13 discussion and help thread regarding possession!

    As many of you are intrigued by possession based tactics I thought I would start this thread so that we could discuss possession tactics and how to go about creating them for yourself without having to download anyone else's Some people make specific Barca tactics for Barca only but possession is not all about replicating Barca or making a tactic that resembles their formation etc, its about retaining possession and creating scoring chances:

    The four part system consists of the following components which are being integrated at the moment:

    1. Possession (not adament on getting 1 player over 100 passes, the more passers of the ball the better)
    2. Creating CCC's (clear cut chances) while remaining in possession of the ball

    3. Operating defensively while incorporating points 1&2

    4. Playing in the opponents half
    In this thread we will look at player roles, formations, team instructions, opposition formations, home or away, pitch dimensions, touchline shouts and many many more factors that influence possession tactics

    Please note, this is not a thread for anyone to post and show off their possession stats, feel free to post them please but this is not to promote your tactic or show off it is a discussion thread and if you would like feedback from myself or anyone else, feel free to post anything you would like advice or assistance on this is also not a competition to see who has the most passes as passes are extremely easy to get, its what you do with possession that counts

    Things to keep in mind when creating possession tactics:

    you dont always have to play extremely narrow and slow, the wider and quicker you play, depending on formation and the players you have will increase passes and possession
    • you dont have to have a primary playmaker or target man selected with ball to feet, possession is about team possession, not single players passes
    • full backs are always going to be involved no matter what you do! the best is to take advantage of them and use them correctly, I have them set to hold up ball, this helps in retaining possession and not giving it away cheaply

    • PPM's play a major role in players performing certain tasks during the game, if a player has run with ball often, shoots from distance, switches ball to other flanks, these go against possession tactics and should be avoided, PPM's like: plays one two's, dictates tempo, comes deep, looks for pass rather than shot, simple passes, tries killer balls, moves into channels are all very good to have for your players

    • getting passess are easy, you will have to start by getting the possession and that will start from the back like normal, your cb's, keeper and fb's will have the most passes etc, dont worry about that, tweak the formation and instructions as you go to get the ball further up the field, you want to have possession but in their half, not your own as you will not create any chances, the SS below is how it is going to start, as I said, getting the ball higher up in the opponents half is one of the main objectives:

    • getting your main players involved like Messi for eg: alot of possession *Barca* tactics I have seen barely have Messi involved at all, 12 passes max a game, try and get each player to have similar amounts of passes, not just one and neglecting the others the more passers of the ball the better
    • dont feel as though you need to get the striker/s involved with the build up play, in order to score goals they need to be the focal point of your attack and should be made to hold up the ball or involved to heavily in build up play
    • pass and move is the foundation of possession, so this means, playing through balls sometimes and run from deep should be used for your mids/attackers! instead of running with the ball they need to create space by running off it into spaces and channels. This needs to be played around with to find the correct balance for your players and your team
    • you dont have to focus passing through the middle either, using the whole pitch creates more space and passing options!
    • when it comes to the passing slider, imagine a circle around the player, 1 click being for eg: 1m passes, the further the slider goes the further and more direct the passes will become!

    • all players involved in the triangles or passing sphere should have move into channels and even roam from position on to create open spaces to receive the pass, do not use this for central defenders, fullbacks can also be given this option, but be aware of the consequences on defence!
    • goalkeeper distribution should be defender collect and your best passing defender as the receiver
    • of course no long shots should be given and run with ball should also be used lightly/sparingly
    • full backs should be set to support or attack, imagine support being in line with the Dm position and attack being in line with the Cm position, this will be the position of your fullbacks. (get what I am saying)
    • In order to create more chances, you have to be prepared to sacrifice some possession in order to get the ball in the box for someone to bury it, this is important to understand and accept, it is easy racking up passes but the hard part is converting the possession into goals!
    • Possession tactics take a while longer to gel with your team, allow for at least 20 games for your team to become accustomed to the tactic

    • The more passes the player does and the more successful they are increase his average rating! I have tested it countless times, players with over 80 passes and a pass percentage of 87% plus will always be over 7 regardless!
    • Playing a very high defensive line is important, you want to peg the opponents in their own half as that is where you should be wanting to play the ball! at least 3/4 of the way up is a good start!
    • Some possession tactics use a deep line.. it all just depends on your players and the instructions you give them! try different things out and see the results..
    • With a high defensive line you dont have to play the offside trap, as most of the time your cb's will be sitting on the halfway line, neither do you have to play counter attack as it is not that effective playing with a high line! the deeper you are the better it is playing on the counter and quickly/directly as well!

    • Possession is not all about making "triangles" either, having players move into spaces will create these triangles, not actually trying to create them with the formation (even though I do with the Amc)
    • creative freedom is a very important part of creating a good possession tactic! having the player set to defensive with a high creative freedom and setting all player instructions to NEVER results in high amount of passes! but this should be tested and implemented sparingly... should be used sparingly as for one, it will counter the personal and team instructions you have given! this however should not be set to 0 as it also has a part to play with free role's as it allows the player to move around more freely as well! so use it wisely for the players that will be the main area of your passing!
    • Time wasting is also important, I use it sometimes, the more you use of it the more your players will hold onto the ball, this will actually prevent passes being made and instead of going forward they players will most of the time play it backwards which is not what you want! so keep that in mind! As well as it being counter productive, it also can be detrimental as players can be caught in possession easily and the opposition can create easy chances!
    • Holding up the ball should also be used sparingly, have no more than 3 players holding up the ball, this is due to the fact that instead of playing the quick ball that could create a chance, they hang onto it which allows the opposition to get back into position!
    • there is a lot more to say, hit a bit of a blank now, going to update is as I remember etc

    913 passes, 88% possession, 2 CCC's! the best result I have had to date

    Suggested team instructions:

    *this is for the classic tactics, this is what I currently use for my teams

    Modern Tactic's Suggested team instructions:

    Philosophy: Balanced or Fluid (it does not have to be very fluid, thats a farce)
    Strategy: Control or attacking, attacking works better for me!

    (going to update the SS with the modern tactic's suggestions)

    playing Zonal marking and pressing will ensure the team will keep its shape, I ensure that tight marking is also selected in player instructions!

    For closing down (the thing most people have issues with) I have a simple solution that works really well for me, have every player (save for your out and out goalscorer) to close down exactly the same, I have it set to own half but right on the border of whole pitch, this will ensure your team really keep their shape and close down together as a unit and dont get dragged out of position...
    or you can set the whole team to close down the entire pitch as well!

    Having your striker/s set to tight man marking and setting opposition instructions to close down the defenders is also a good part of a possession tactic, this forces the cb's to hoof the ball clear when your strikers are closing them down, and could even make mistakes if their composure stat is rather low!

    Suggested touchline shouts:
    *I do not use most of these except hassle, work ball into box when playing modern tactics, the possession tactic I use is made in classic mode and does not use shouts

    Retain possession
    Work ball into box
    Pass to feet
    Play out of defence
    Play through defence
    Hassle opponents
    Look for overlap (also good)

    Recommended formations:
    *I personally use a 433 with two central cm's who drop deep to get the ball and the playmaker Amc with two wingers and a striker

    This is my formation and instructions I use on my latest possession tactic!

    Fm13 Possession tactic discussion thread by Raikan007-southampton-tactics_-team-instructions-.png

    4-3-3 (Amc or Dm)

    (there are so many different formations out there.. its up to you what works best!

    Pitch dimensions:

    Well this is up to you, I find that using normal or standard works the best, as mentioned, its not all about playing narrow and on the smallest pitch, please note this plays a large role in possession tactics and should be not be taken lightly.

    Opposition Instructions:

    *you can leave this to assistant manager but make sure you do the following:

    Show all strikers, central mids (cm's and am'cs) on to weaker foot and close down

    1) show strikers to weaker feet
    2) tight mark wide players and show to weaker foot, hard tackling
    3) close down central mids and show to weaker feet
    4) close down cb's and show to weaker feet


    please feel free to ask anything regarding possession tactics here, please feel free to use anything from any of my tactics for your own and I look forward to seeing your progress in creating a great possession tactic

    thanks, Neil

  2. Fuck me, somebody had their Weetabix!!

    I love the idea of possession tactics but it seems so difficult to get those all-important CCC's with high ball retention. I hope the FM13 match engine is a little more giving.
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  3. One of my favourite threads. Raikan, you are an FM god This always helps me so much. Thanks!
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  4. I have also updated it from my experiences with Fm12.. I am quite certain the engine (especially on the default patch) would be similar and the same settings will always apply

    thanks all enjoy Fm13

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Raikan007 View Post
    I have also updated it from my experiences with Fm12.. I am quite certain the engine (especially on the default patch) would be similar and the same settings will always apply

    thanks all enjoy Fm13
    One major change is the fact that players can no longer run through other players like last time. This is the main difference to the game and drastically affects the corner exploit. The ball movement also may change some aspects of keeping the ball.
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  6. I have found the 4-4-2 seems to keep the ball quite successfully, tried to use one of my fm12 possession tactics which would usually have 70-85 % possession but this does now not work at all.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by liamboyall7 View Post
    I have found the 4-4-2 seems to keep the ball quite successfully, tried to use one of my fm12 possession tactics which would usually have 70-85 % possession but this does now not work at all.
    442 works as well, its better with MR and ML than AMR and AML though I feel! I have made a good 433 with 3 strikers and 3 central mids possession tactic as well..

    I hope you can get it to work on Fm13 good luck!

  8. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
    Man Utd & Burnham FC First Team
    Raikan have you tried any possession tactics on fm13?
    Any ss?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by SMcManus84 View Post
    Raikan have you tried any possession tactics on fm13?
    Any ss?
    no nothing mate have not gotten the game yet.. was going to only get the full proper version on release day.. but contemplating getting it now

  10. Yes I too have found that MR & ML work far better than if they are AMR/AML ... Also a deep lying playmaker and an advanced play maker are working really well together too for possession.

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