I am struggling and bought great players

    I got m villa for 17m lewandowski 25m okore 1m admeilson 3.5m Schürrle 11m Schmelzer 6m adryson 1m Dzagoev free albiol loan (6m if want to purchase )and montoya loan both just for cover

    players could have got are cavani 20m fellaini 13m (bid 23m pull out unsettle buy last minute) hamsik 16m and get llorente free!

    tip for buying players keep saying your interested and saying you love them basically it unsettles them and will hand in transfer request leave it last minute to buy them and always buy on 48month deals

    I always sell chamakh arshavin djourou diaby squallaci santos (always injured) fabianski (even tho stats are immense)

    chelsea always buy chamakh and fabianksi really weird!

    I am struggling on what tatics to play morales always low always conceding and cant score more than 2 or 3 goals and look at my team!

    I play 4231 control fluid over small teams low tempo big teams counter fluid high tempo not working at all!

    HELP! or will have to be another team before i get sacked im 14th in the league!

  2. Arsenal Rotation
    As a fellow gooner I feel for you. So far I am top after 20 games and have only bought fellaini (19m) and a few youth players...
    I would advise you to play a 4-1-2-2-1...

    "Fluid" playing style with "Short" passing & "Always" closing down... DUring the big games I play counter otherwise always standard

  3. Cheers mate how would you play this team? styles and player individuals


    sagna kocesnhy vermalon schmelzer

    m villa

    wilshere arteta

    cazorla walcott


  4. I wouldn't worry about getting sacked. Even if your job security is unstable, the Arsenal board seem the most lenient in the game. Or at least they did in FM12. I'm an Arsenal fan, but I was doing a Madrid save at the time, during which Arsenal seemed to be under performing, even though they still had RVP. But anyway, as I was subscribed to them, I kept getting inbox messages about how the sack was looming over Wenger and he needed a result to save his job. He lost two games during that time, and still had it. So, as I said, I wouldn't worry too much about getting sacked from Arsenal. It's probably why he's lasted this long in real life. I don't want to see him go because I still think he's a fantastic manager, but the decision to sell Fabregas and RVP within a year of each other was terrible. Forget Song, he was an all right player but people hyped him up a little too much. And seven years without a trophy. Anywhere else and he'd have been long gone.

  5. I GOT SACKED! :/

    And i hate wenger and the board with a passion

    dont get me wrong wenger has been great with what his got but he should put his foot down

    fab and rvp would have stayed if the board werent tight

    and to be honest if wenger had 50m to be spend it would be scary who he would buy

    i would love fellaini a big player we've never replaced viera and llorente or lewandowski

    our strikers are shocking bring back the years of the invincibles

    how us fans get fobbed off is disgusting!
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  6. Oh. Fair enough. Guess they're less tolerant of someone who isn't Wenger.

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