FM 13 is easier than FM 12

  1. FM 13 is easier than FM 12

    sorry if in wrong place,

    2013 is easier than 2012, you have to use logic and one of the best tactics - Chelsea play with flair 2012 tactic - keep possession - pass into space - hassle opponent - get stuck in - run at defence - also team talk should be aimed at the whole team before match and at end of match - hope it helps

  2. tubby's Avatar tubby
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    Er, FM2013 with Chelsea will be easier than FM12 with Chelsea because Chelsea are twice the team they were last season...

  3. No M8 Im playing Tottenham i beat Southampton 6-1 its good tactic

  4. rockpie's Avatar rockpie
    Chelsea/Cardiff City Backup
    so you're claiming FM13 is easier because you use big teams and then import other people's tactics which are already known to work well?

    nice one.

  5. get over it

  6. closed, pointless thread!

  7. Blue Peter badge on it's way to the creater of this thread for being so special

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