My Arsenal Tactic Review

  1. My Arsenal Tactic Review

    So. I wanted some people who know what they are doing to discuss my tactic with me. I finished 2nd in the PL, and Champions League in year one. But, year two begins, and my goal scoring has declined considerably, though im still in 2nd place, ha.

    My Arsenal Tactic Review-tacticsattack.pngMy Arsenal Tactic Review-taccits-team.pngMy Arsenal Tactic Review-transfers.pngMy Arsenal Tactic Review-transfers-2.pngMy Arsenal Tactic Review-screen-shot-2012-12-05-12.09.22-pm.pngMy Arsenal Tactic Review-screen-shot-2012-12-05-12.09.26-pm.png

    I lose the occasional game to wigan 2-0 at home, not many draws. I included both years transfers, and I have Branislov Ivanovic through a P/Ex for Nicklas Bendter, amazingly. Chelsea acepted swaps for both ivanovic and luiz, i went bransislov and he has been pretty dominant since.

    Im looking to develop a solid defending/away tactic based on this one, so any help on that front would be greatly appreciated.

    This tactic is based mostly on koflok's goals galore, but there are heavy tweaks to both the team bars and a number of individual settings.

    I wanted to share Giroud's success as well, because i see many complaining about him. He scored 40 overall, and led the world. Played fantastically in the PL at almost a goal a game. Here is a S/N.
    My Arsenal Tactic Review-giroud.png

    Let me know what you guys think, and how i can develop an effective away strategy so my team can be more consistent and win the PL.

    I added the following 3 S/Ns for reference. THe current Home screen is the first one, my 2013 match results so far, and then my 2012/2013 best 11.

    My Arsenal Tactic Review-screen-shot-2012-12-05-1.45.30-pm.pngMy Arsenal Tactic Review-screen-shot-2012-12-05-1.45.45-pm.pngMy Arsenal Tactic Review-screen-shot-2012-12-05-1.47.25-pm.png
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  2. So im wondering if a mod can move this thread to somewhere that it will be seen and commented on? I was wary of using this sub-forum (though its clearly the "correct place" for a thread like this) because it gets so little traffic. Can someone move it to the general tactics forum? That would be awesome.

    Chelsea just battered me 5-0 away, and im in first in the league still, but i have NO IDEA why i lost so badly, and absolutely no idea what I could have done differently.

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