Hi, my first post here, hope I dont break all the guidelines here Been browsing alot and from what I can gather, there are som really bright "tacticians" here

Been playing 5 seasons with my beloved Arsenal, trying a lot of new tactics which is fun - One problem; there has been a lot of matches (almost always away from home) where I desperately need a goal, but I can't seem to put any pressure on my opponent! I regularly put strategy to Overload, switch to attack on everybody, but the minutes couldn't tick any faster... The last 20-30 minutes if the game literally just tick away without a single chance! I have been experiencing this on a regular basis since I was playing FM08, so clearly, my approach in that situation is not the right one.

Does anyone have any suggestions to what I can do to really build an attack against my opponent and keep the pressure? Perhaps some ManU fans? Those red devils always seem to score during the last 10 minutes hehe... I have uploadeda screenshot of how I would set up my tactic when i go into "overloadmode", hoping some of you have some suggestions to what i can do to really force that pigskin into the back of the net!

Overload no effect - help!-ploppv4overload.png