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pretty solid 2-3-2-2-1
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  1. pretty solid 2-3-2-2-1

    Just been using this with Barcelona and its working out well, lost 1 won 30 and drew 3 (including friendlies)
    My only defeat was against AC Milan in pre-season.

    Formation and Team Instructions.
    pretty solid 2-3-2-2-1-untitled.png
    Fixturespretty solid 2-3-2-2-1-fixtures-1.pngpretty solid 2-3-2-2-1-fixtures-2.png

    Any questions just ask
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  2. Do you use shouts, what are your suggestions for OI and TeamTalks?

    Thanks anyway...

  3. Shouts Retain Possession, Hit Early Crosses. OI leave to assistant, Team Talks leave to manager unless 0-0 at half time 'Show me something else'

  4. wot pitch size did u use?

  5. I'm going to try it out and tell you how it is.

  6. where is the download?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by toivonen View Post
    where is the download?
    There is no download, all the info is in the screenshot in the openingpost.

  8. please send me the tactic with mediafire or something else because i'm not english and i dont understand wich position are the player because my game in different langage and we dont have the same name of position player so please send me the tactic and i hope it will works for me thank you very much have a good day .

    post scriptum : sorry for my english it's not my native langage.

  9. I used standard pitch size and sorry Nojoom dont know how to upload so your just going to have to try to make out positions :L

  10. I tested this tactic those days and i have to say one word GREAT because i finished third position with atletico madrid ! And again a third position with montpellier hsc in french one division ! All my player finished with more than 7.00 and falcao scored me 30 goal in 42 match in this 42 match 50 % of them he vas hungry and unhappy. I m happy of this tactic because i can take every big or normal team i know i will make a good work ! I dont try this one with weak team but i thibk it should work ir you have the player

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