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[FM13.1]Fight For Athena V3❤❤❤(Real Madrid Style)♂♂♂--V3 is much better than V2

  1. [FM13.1]Fight For Athena V3❤❤❤(Real Madrid Style)♂♂♂--V3 is much better than V2


    V4 come out!

    V3's Tests

    I gave up the cup and Europa League


    Why did you make these tactics so quickly?
    Because the tactic designed by me in FM1222 was wonderful.
    However,it's too late for me to got this tactic,so I never release on the SI forum.
    Wait until FM2013,I found it so strong and powerful when I made some necessary changes.

    The research to full-backs
    In FM2011 and FM2012,the full-backs played very bad on offense.
    I'm tired of full-back like the tortoise as purely defense,So they will no single one of the best players in the game,They is usually the worst season player's hopefuls.
    The Full-backs in the game are most poor,nothing like a man,and this type of tactics is boring.
    But the reality of the opposite,full back is very important attack power,only in rare three-point banker team, they full-back was completely not to assists.
    After my hard test research,I found out Let the full-back use inverse foot to cut inside,On the assists with the reality can finally to force.
    They finally can like a man in the battle.I found a new exciting world.
    If you do not have strong full-backs,you also can let left foot full-back plays on the left side.Right foot as well.

    Anyone can share my tactics without asking me for permission.

    Try not to tweak my tactic. Please use the original tactic for at least half season to know how well is the tactic to your team. Then, you can try to tweak the tactic to suit yourselves as you will then know if what you are tweaking on will improve your team performance. If not, dont blame on my tactic if the results you have is not what you want it to be.

    Who is Ahena?

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  2. Tactic


    Tactic with "R" prefix means place your ST who use left leg to the right side, advantage to finishing and direct pass.

    Player Requirements

    FC/ST: 1. Finishing,Composure; 2. Pace &Acc, Dribbling.

    AMC: 1. Pace &Acc, Dribbling; 2. Finishing, Composure;3. Passing, Creativity.

    AMCL/STL: a little better with right foot t; AMCR/STR: a little better with left foot or either foot.

    AMRL(inside): 1. Pace &Acc, Dribbling; 2. Finishing, Composure,crossing.My tactic need AMRL cut inside,so you can also train ST to AMRL.
    AML:a little better with right foot; AMR: a little better with left foot.(You can train your players into position that is orange or yellow color. Which is "Awkward" or "Unconvincing",but if he is strong,you can use immediately)
    Either foot? See his best foot.

    MC: 1.Passing, Creativity; 2.Dribbling,Acc &Pace 3. Finishing,Long shots 4(Not important). Tackling,Strength Stamina

    DM: 1. Strength, Tackling (better learned tackles), Passing, Creativity; 2. Long shots,Acc &Pace

    DRL: 1. Acc &Pace,Dribbling; 2. Tackling,Strength,3.Positioning,Crossing
    DL: a little better with right foot; DR: a little better with left foot.(You can train your players into position that is orange or yellow color. Which is "Awkward" or "Unconvincing",but if he is strong,you can use immediately).

    DC: 1. Jumping ; 2.Acc & Pace , Heading; 3. Positioning, Strength, Tackling

    GK: 1. Reflexes,One On Ones;2. Handling

    How important is each role to my tactic: GK>ST>AMRL>DC>DRL>MC>DM

    Tactic with "R" suffix means place your ST who use left leg to the right side, advantage to long shot and direct pass.

    Match Preparation: Attacking Movement.The amount of training is max:50%;but when the familiarity is full, change to 30%
    Match preparation is a must, even if your team are gel-ed already, unless you want to give up on your league results. I personally recommend "Attacking Movement"

    Playmaker : ST
    Plays like Rooney in Manchester United ago

    Pitch Size: Small

    Corner: look attributes of conner and crossing

    Thow Ins: Don't use DRL and DC; Don't use who have "possesses long flat throw";attribute is not important, because it is short pass.

    Don't Set Long Shot.

    When down to 10 man: 4230

    Touchline instructions
    The actual effect is difficult to test, and will destroy tactics.
    Opposition Instructions
    The actual effect is difficult to test, so I do not use.

    Too many ST?
    Speedy type ST can train into Winger or AMC too. They will be much more stronger than traditional Winger or AMC.

    When can a tactic become gelled to the max?
    Normally, about 2-3 months, the Familiarity of Match Preparation will be maxed out, thus we can see the effect/result of the tactic more clearly.
    After 2-3 seasons later, when Squad Harmony is maxed out, the tactic will be fully utilize to the max.

    What is the use of Squad Harmony? Who does one improve them?
    Squad Harmony increase a team potential by alot, when it is maxed out, the team will be very strong and united.
    Deal with those players immediately with Unhappiness and/or need attention from you. Let them play some matches which are suitable for them. If letting them played in matches still cant solve their problem, just sell them away.
    Players who dislike one another, choose 1 and sell the other away.
    The best solution is to praise your players until they named you as favoured personnel, and stop praising them when you saw your name shown in favoured personnel. And when you try to pull a young player up, they will easily named you as their favourite persoannel.

    At the beginning of all new season, please set all bonus to "high".
    E.g High cup bonus, High league bonus etcs
    By choosing high bonus reward, your player will perform better.



    save tactics (.tac) to My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\tactics.
    save Players Filter (.pft) to My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\filters.
    or import them with manager

    If you do not have an unzip software,you can use a free unzip software -- 7-zip
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  3. Training(only for my tactics)

    Invidual Role Training

    GK: Goalkeeper

    DR:1. Wing Back 2.Full BackWing 3.Quickness(If his Acc&Pace are not enough)

    DC:1.Limited Defender 2.Quickness

    DM:1.Box to Box Midfielder 2.Defensive Midfielder

    MC:Box to Box Midfielder

    AMRLC:1.Poacher 2.Inside Forward

    ST: Poacher
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  4. Test

    Due to the creator of tactics always been suspected to use cheats, therefore i would prefer using the results from others players to prove my tactics.

    Thank you so much for your tests!

    Quote Originally Posted by a_ilfandy View Post
    Great tactic! currently running it for
    Quote Originally Posted by a_ilfandy View Post


    SI Forum

    Originally Posted by DonSteffa
    I am really amazed by this, it's so unbelievable attacking, and i keep 60% possession, it suprises me, very fast tempo, and there is always an option for a player to pass to, but when i see the positioning when we are up on the field, there is such a huge gap, for a counter-attack. So when your team screws up when you are on their half, expect 2 players from the opposite team facing your goalie.
    Still haven't lost a game tho.


    Originally Posted by Raid on
    amazing tactic. despite having the 2nd highest amount of conceded goals in the 2nd league. it made me the brazilian hero.
    Brazilian Hero
    You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Brazil
    being seeded as 15th in media prediction I totally outscored the whole 2nd division and even managed to win it in the end.

    Originally Posted by mcbgun
    Currently 3 points clear with 7 wins from 10 with Blackburn in the championship on the demo in Classic Mode. Its absolutely sick how many goals Jordan Rhodes is scoring! Just like in real life he seems to find himself in the right position at the right time and having off the ball stats of 16 and composure of 15 is working wonders in this league.
    The football played is great to watch although I'm using orthodox wingbacks (not changed anything but left on left and right on right in terms of preferred foot).
    Got some cracking loans in which have fitted in nicely into the formation namely Fabio Grosso (old but has played brilliantly in place of the injured Martin Olssen), David Fox who is a solid DM but has scored a screamer already this season. Michael Mancienne who's rotated in with my other CBs and Stephen Kelly who has become my main wingback as that was my weakest position.
    The array of attacking talent in the squad is unreal for this division so its not a surprise that we're dominating possession in most matches.
    A really good, fun to watch tactic this and highly recommended.

    Originally Posted by Skiper
    Still working like a charm for me Second season with Arsenal and your tactic: won Community Shield, UEFA Super Cup, CWC, PL, FA Cup and CL.
    screenshot 001
    screenshot 002
    screenshot 003

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  5. What a man!\(≧▽≦)/

    In order to make you more convenient to use tactics,
    I will simply analyze some big teams of Europe's top league
    For example, Manchester united,Manchester city, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Newcastle, Dortmund...

    CA/PA!!! If you do not like to see CA/PA, don't click.

    Real Madrid
    CA PA
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  6. This is super great
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  7. Zero Sea - did you create the ghost tactic on fm 11? Was a 4-1-1-2-2? I used it and adapted it slightly on fm11/12 and it brought me success with every team I managed - including Borehamwood world champions on 11, Boston Utd world champions on 12 and in my current fm12 game of the San Marino Challenge.

    I'm going to try this out with QPR on my FM13 Demo and will let you know how it goes. Only signings will be Drenthe and Ayila Yussuf as back up CB/DM:

    GK - Julio Cesar
    DR - Bosingwa
    DL - Fabio
    DC - Mbia
    DC - Onuoha
    DM - Diakite
    MC - Faurlin / Granero
    AMR - Drenthe
    AML - Hoilett
    AMC - Taarabt
    FC - Cisse
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by seanhrfc View Post
    Zero Sea - did you create the ghost tactic on fm 11? Was a 4-1-1-2-2? I used it and adapted it slightly on fm11/12 and it brought me success with every team I managed - including Borehamwood world champions on 11, Boston Utd world champions on 12 and in my current fm12 game of the San Marino Challenge.
    According to my tests
    the Ghost tactic is not very good for FM13
    I'll try it in the Official version of FM2013

  9. Hi Zero Sea, I tried QPR with this tactic and these were the results:

    [FM13.1]Fight For Athena V3❤❤❤(Real Madrid Style)♂♂♂--V3 is much better than V2-english-premier-division_-overview-past-positions.png[FM13.1]Fight For Athena V3❤❤❤(Real Madrid Style)♂♂♂--V3 is much better than V2-queens-park-rangers_-fixtures-schedule.png[FM13.1]Fight For Athena V3❤❤❤(Real Madrid Style)♂♂♂--V3 is much better than V2-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.png

    After 16 League games it left me in 16th Place, way below the expectations. I reckon with the squad they have, top half should be what is expected as a good season.

    The tactic looks good in attack at times, and I like some of the cutting in wing play, but it seems to have a lot of problems that need tweaking!
    1. Sheer number of goals conceded, 36 goals in 16 games is purely unacceptable.
    2. 90% of the goals seemed to be conceded by opposition counter attack. We'd have the ball in opposition half, be passing it around slowly, move would break down then they'd attack at lightning speed. Most of the time getting the ball to the wings and putting a ball into the 6 yard box from the byline.
    3. Good target man players seem to have a field day against this tactic - Andy Carroll and Dimitar Berbatov destroyed me, mostly due to point 2.
    4. Inconsistency of possession and pass completion rate (PCR). Generally I'd be looking for 55%+ Possession and 75%+ PCR to show that I'm on top of a game. With this tactic one game i may have 61% possession, the next I'd have 43% with PCR in the 60s!
    5. Clear cut chances. Generally this tactic would create 3/4 CCC a game, which is pretty good. However this was the back-to-back games against Villa and Man Utd, I didn't even get a shot on target let alone a CCC. Also the opposition seem to get a lot of CCC (point 2 again), sometimes up to 6, 7 or 8!
    I think this tactic has potential, I just think it needs a serious revision. It may work with Real Madrid, Man City etc. but any tactic can work with them. I used it with QPR who have the basic needs of the tactic. A very quick back line of Bosingwa, Onouha, Mbia and Fabio. Quick forwards/inside forwards in Cisse and Hoilett (+ Drenthe I brought in), and creative mids in Faurlin, Granero, Taarabt.

    On a brighter note, the last game I played I used the 'Ghost Tactic' vs Everton. Won the game 2-1. Will see how that goes for the last few games of the demo.

    Keep up the good work and I am sure you will find a tactic that works with FM13, though I think any tactic (particularly plug and play ones such as yours) will struggle until the real game comes out and/or several patches.


  10. To seanhrfc


    I'll try to make a weaker teams version in the official version of FM2013

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